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Motivational CD And DVD Network Marketing CD And DVD
Rs. 3500/-
Rs. 2650/-

Video Training course on Public speaking and presentation skills
First nine session video DVD course on public speaking and presentation skills launched by Speech Guru Dr. Ujjwal Patni.
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Rs. 1150/-
Rs. 950/-

Shandaar Jindagi Ke 30 Minute [Hindi-Double CD pack]

Time – 80 + Minute
This is a wonderful audio course on 'how to live life happily ad successfully. Celebrated author and corporate trainer from India Dr Ujjwal Patni appeals to his audience in his favorite discourse - Live thirty minutes according to me per day and change your life. He divides thirty minutes per day into several components of 1 minute, 2 minute, 3 minute and goes on. This is a perfect manual for a successful life, a healthy body and mind, enriched relationships,

Rs. 850/-
Rs. 650/-

Das Kahaniyan – Das Mahaan Sabak [Hindi-Double CD Pack]

Time – 100 + Minute
Leadership trainer and motivational speaker Dr Ujjwal Patni narrates 10 life changing stories. The powerful stories touch your mind and soul and ask you to change for betterment. These unique stories are told by Dr Ujjwal Patni in his lectures for top managements and exclusive participants. For the first time, we are bringing these stories for you in this audio.

Rs. 850/-

Jeet Yaa Haar – Raho Taiyaar [Hindi-Double CD pack]

Time – 80 + Minute
This audio CD is based on the bestseller book JEET YAA HAAR - RAHO TAIYAAR authored by Indian motivational trainer and leadership expert Dr Ujjwal Patni . The CD and book both are appreciated by stalwarts like Dr Kiran Bedi, Dr Joginder Singh, Krantikari Rashtrasant Muni Tarun Sagar etc. This is a practical manual for achieving success in personal and professional life. Straight words, heart touching stories and priceless quotes made this motivational CD extremely popular in India.

Rs. 850/-
Rs. 650/-

Prabhavi Bolne Ki Kala [Hindi-Double CD pack]
Time – 80 + Minute
Speech coach and professional speaker Dr Ujjwal Patni presents this unique audio course on public speaking in question and answer format. How to become an effective public speaker, How to impress audience, how to design a speech within few minutes, how to become a successful anchor, how to win group discussions, How to remove stage fear. Dr Ujjwal Patni coaches on every topic in this wonderful CD. If you want to master the art of public speaking very fast, use this CD with the book Safal Vakta Safal Vyakti and see the miracle.

Rs. 350/-

Load Mat Lo [Hindi- Single CD]

Time – 50 + Minute
Legendary Indian trainer and self help expert Dr Patni says that Kids are stressed due to their bags, mothers are stressed due to kids and kitchen, fathers are stressed to earn a luxurious life, Boss is stressed due to ineffectiveness of employee, employees are stressed due to targets.everyone everywhere is stressed. Dr Patni says that erasing stress from life is impossible but managing stress is possible. He tells you the powerful ways to cope with

Rs. 350/-

Sakaratmak Sonch [Hindi-Single CD]

Time – 50 + Minute
This motivational audio CD contains a wonderful lecture by renowned Indian motivator Dr Ujjwal Patni on positive thinking, parenting, improving personal performance, winning and positive attitude. Full of stories and hard hitting facts

Rs. 850/-
Rs. 650/-

Network marketing - Six Steps [Hindi-Double CD Pack]

Time – 80 + Minute
The number one Indian network marketing trainer and consultant Dr Ujjwal Patni tells you the Indian centric techniques of network marketing, how to become a diamond in network marketing, Do's and Don'ts of MLM and more. The six steps of networking marketing is a world well-known success system designed by Dr Ujjwal Patni.

Rs. 350/-

Diamond Banne Ka Raaj- Craft Sidhhant [ Hindi- 2 in 1 Single CD Pack]
Speaker – Dr Ujjwal   Patni
Time – 60 + Minute

Network marketing trainer Dr Ujjwal Patni designed and introduced the CRAFT principle in India. MLM Trainer Dr Patni tells the exceptional techniques of Motivating and training downlines, How to keep the downline active, Upline downline relationships, how to face the negativities of network marketing, what is the importance of emotions in Indian network marketing industry, How to convert your down line team into a family and lot more.

This is a serious, no nonsense, technical and result oriented CD on network marketing by MLM speaker Dr Patni that tells you to HOW TO BECOME A DIAMOND IN NETWORK MARKETING IN INDIA
Rs. 350/-

Network Marketing-Prashikshan ke Sutra [Hindi-Double CD Pack]
Time – 80 + Minute
The International networking expert and the MLM consultant of India Dr Ujjwal Patni says that more than 80 % companies will pack up their business shortly because training is the backbone of network marketing and the companies are not serious about that. Network trainer Dr Patni fearlessly talks about Subjects like how to do network marketing, myths of networking, how to motivate your team, upline-downline relationship, Dos and Don'ts of training and importance of seminars.

If you want to become a top MLM leader, a networking diamond then listen this great CD on networking and improve your networking skills
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