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Motivational CD And DVD Network Marketing CD And DVD
Rs. 3500/-
Rs. 2650/-

Video Training course on Public speaking Mastery Course

A Unique nine session video DVD course on public speaking and presentation skills

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This is a unique nine session video DVD course, on public speaking and presentation skills launched by, Speech Guru Dr Ujjwal Patni.
This is a comprehensive course on Public Speaking, that includes topics like : How to design and present a speech, How to win over the audience, Body Language in public speaking, Do's and Don'ts of Public speaking, How to get Public Speaking Invitations, Pause, pressure and variation in speech, The sandwich design, Opening and closing of speech, and special elements in speech
Specially recorded in a course format, Step by step coaching by Dr Ujjwal Patni, Easy language, Practical tips
Rs. 850/-
Rs. 650/-

10 Paise Se Bani Meri Zindagi [Hindi-Single DVD pack]

10 Paise se bani meri zindagi is created from a 1.5 hours live session by International Trainer and Motivational Speaker Dr Ujjwal Patni. Dr Patni who is a specialist in Parenting has discussed about internationally recognized modern techniques of Parenting. This is a live course in which parents can learn dos & don'ts of parenting, techniques to nurture a kid in this modern age, understanding of your strengths and weaknesses as a parent, ways to develop extraordinary qualities for your kids, etc. This session has changed the thinking of many parents now its your turn.

Rs. 850/-
Rs. 650/-

Shradhanjali Do Safalta Lo [Hindi-Single DVD pack]

Shradhanjali Do Safalta Lo is created form a live session by International Trainer and Motivational Speaker Dr Ujjwal Patni. Dr Patni has shared tips and techniques one can follow to become socially successful. He says that we should always think on the lines that when we leave this world how people will remember us. Weather people will appreciate us for our deeds or will they criticize us for our misdeeds. The theme of this talk is that's why Aspire Before You Expire. The talk inspires you to rethink what you do or what are you giving to this society. The Joy of Giving.

Rs. 1150/-
Rs. 950/-

30 Minute Shandaar Jindagi Ke Liye [Hindi-Double CD pack]

Time – 80 + Minute
Celebrated author and corporate trainer from India, Dr Ujjwal Patni appeals to his audience in his favorite discourse - Live thirty minutes according to me per day and change your life. He divides thirty minutes per day, into several components of 1 minute, 2 minute, 3 minute and goes on. This is a perfect manual for a successful life, a healthy body, proactive mind and enriched relationships. Easy language, suitable for all age groups, very practical, straightforward program.

Rs. 850/-
Rs. 650/-

Dus Kahaniyan – Dus Mahaan Sabak [Hindi-Double CD Pack]

Time – 100 + Minute
Leadership trainer and motivational speaker, Dr Ujjwal Patni narrates 10 life changing stories that will touch your mind & soul. Dr Patni usually shares these stories in his programs for top managements and exclusive participants. For the first time, we are sharing these highly motivational stories for you in this audio cd. These stories will inspire, guide and enlighten you to achieve success in personal and professional life.

Rs. 850/-

Jeet Yaa Haar – Raho Taiyaar [Hindi-Double CD pack]

Time – 80 + Minute
This audio CD is based on the bestseller book, "JEET YAA HAAR - RAHO TAIYAAR" authored by Indian motivational trainer and leadership expert Dr Ujjwal Patni. This is appreciated by stalwarts like Dr KiranBedi, Dr Joginder Singh, KrantikariRashtrasant Muni TarunSagar etc. This is a practical manual, for achieving success in personal and professional life. Straight words, heart touching stories and priceless quotes, made this motivational CD extremely popular in India. A practical approach for learning and winning, through obstacles of life.

Rs. 850/-
Rs. 650/-

Kaise bane safal vakta [Hindi-Double CD pack]
Time – 80 + Minute
Speech coach and professional speaker, Dr Ujjwal Patni presents this unique audio course, on public speaking in question and answer format. This cd focuses on aspects like, how to become an effective public speaker, how to impress audience, how to design a speech within few minutes, how to become a successful anchor, how to win group discussions and how to remove stage fear. Dr Ujjwal Patni coaches on every topic in this wonderful audio CD. If you want to master the art of public speaking, follow this CD with the book SafalVaktaSafalVyakti and see the miracle. This will certainly make a difference in your life, by transforming yourself as a confident and fearless speaker.

Rs. 350/-

Load Mat Lo [Hindi- Single CD]

Time – 50 + Minute
Legendary Indian trainer Dr Patni says that, Kids are stressed due to their bags, mothers are stressed due to kids & kitchen, fathers are stressed to earn a luxurious life, Boss is stressed due to ineffectiveness of employee and employees are stressed due to targets. Everyone everywhere is stressed. D rPatni says that, erasing stress from life is impossible but managing stress is possible. He tells you the powerful ways to cope with stress in life. This cd has helped people from all phases of life, to manage stress and live a happy and relaxed life.

Rs. 350/-

Sakaratmak Sonch [Hindi-Single CD]

Time – 50 + Minute
This motivational audio CD contains a wonderful lecture by renowned Indian motivator Dr Ujjwal Patni. This cd focuses on the aspects of positive thinking, parenting, improving personal performance, winning and positive attitude. The cd is full of stories and hard hitting facts, which will provide you a positive outlook towards life. As we know thoughts have a deep impact on our decisions.

Rs. 850/-
Rs. 650/-

Network marketing - Six Steps [Hindi-Double CD Pack]

Time – 80 + Minute
The famous Indian network marketing trainer Dr Ujjwal Patni shares the Indian centric techniques of network marketing. This cd focuses on How to become a diamond in network marketing, Do's and Don'ts of MLM and many more concepts of MLM. The six steps of networking marketing, is a well-known success system designed by Dr Ujjwal Patni.

Rs. 350/-

Diamond Banne Ka Raaj- Craft Sidhhant [ Hindi- 2 in 1 Single CD Pack]
Speaker – Dr Ujjwal   Patni
Time – 60 + Minute

Network marketing trainer, Dr Ujjwal Patni designed and introduced the CRAFT principle in India. In this Cd he tells the exceptional techniques of motivating and training downlines. The CD focuses on aspects like, how to keep the downline active, Upline down line relationships, how to face the negativities of network marketing, what is the importance of emotions in Indian network marketing industry and how to become a diamond in India.

Rs. 350/-

Network Marketing-Prashikshan ke Sutra [Hindi-Double CD Pack]
Time – 80 + Minute
International networking expert and the MLM consultant Dr Ujjwal Patni says that more than 80 % companies will pack up their business shortly, because training is the backbone of network marketing and the companies are not serious about training. In this CD, he fearlessly talks about Subjects like, how to do network marketing, myths of networking, how to motivate your team, upline-downline relationship, Dos and Don'ts of training and importance of seminars.

Rs. 850/-
Rs 650

Success Habits [Hindi-Double DVD Pack]
Time – 80 + Minute
What successful people do on a daily basis that makes them successful? This is a unique DVD that, tells you about the success habits of achievers, from different parts of world. India's top trainer Dr Patnishares more than 20 success habits in this Dvd. These habits can take you to the heights of success in personal and professional life. This DVD is created from VIP, a unique residential program, based on success habits by Dr Ujjwal Patni. Simple language, practical examples and easy to use tips makes this a unique CD for you and your team. Even if you adopt one success habit after watching this dvd, you can achieve extraordinary success in life and business.

Rs. 450

UPSC - Ujjwal Patni Success Capsule [Hindi-Double CD Pack]
Time – 80 + Minute
On every Saturday, Indian across the globe eagerly waits for UPSC - Ujjwal Patni Success Capsule, to get inspired and motivated. International trainer and motivational speaker Dr Ujjwal Patni speaks on variety of topics ranging from life, business, success, parenting, to patriotism and society. This CD is a collection of, revolutionary Saturday discourses by Dr Patni. The talks are short, powerful, inspiring, practical and easy to adopt in life. This CD is useful for one and all.

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