About Ujjwal Patni International

DR. Ujjwal Patni

Ujjwal Patni International (UPI) is a world-class training, mentoring and consulting company that has emerged as one of the biggest support systems for SMEs and MSMEs, in India. Ujjwal Patni International is a team of topmost subject specialists from different fields like sales, marketing, branding, leadership, human resource, personal coaching, and many more. These specialist trainers are associated with Ujjwal Patni International as full-time trainers as well as consultants. The whole vision is led by Dr Ujjwal Patni who maximizes the potential of owner and organization by inspiring them to break the comfort zone, take tough decisions and achieve the next level of success.

Ujjwal Patni International for organizations

Ujjwal Patni International works closely with the business owners and organizations, understands their problem and supports them in achieving maximum solutions with minimum resources in minimum time.

The topmost offering by Ujjwal Patni International is Mentoring. In mentoring Ujjwal Patni International handholds the organization and guides them to achieve their goal. Ujjwal Patni International enrolls select SMEs and MSMEs for this program and works very closely with them. The past track record, client satisfaction level and success history of the mentoring initiative are exemplary.

Ujjwal Patni International also collaborates for staff training and culture training with small, medium and large companies.

Dr Ujjwal Patni as the leader of Ujjwal Patni International accepts speaking invitations from companies working in India and abroad. He is often invited for keynote speeches, igniting dealer meets, guiding managerial teams and aligning stakeholders. He is one among the most sought after transformational speakers in India.

Ujjwal Patni International for Individuals

Excellence Gurukul is a signature program for business owners and self-employed professionals that focuses on Personal, Business and Public Excellence. More than a thousand entrepreneurs have attended Excellence gurukul and changed the way they work and live.

VIP focuses strictly on personal success and productivity habits. This is a unique program for everyone who wants to take self-management to next level. This is the only residential program in India that focusses on success through habits. People from different countries come to participate in this life-changing highly acclaimed program.

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