Network Marketing – Understand It !!
By Ujjwal Patni ,Posted on 2015-09-13


Network Marketing is not a novel idea; man has been inadvertently practicing it for ages.

Most of us habitually praise and recommend a good movie, a good tailor or a good doctor to others. We tend to share with others, the good and bad qualities of almost every consumer product and service that we happen to use. By this word of mouth publicity, we create an impact on the sales of these items, but without any benefit to us in return. Yet, we continue to practice this through our entire life.

Now here is a business model, where you are compensated for your direct or indirect recommendations. In this method, if a product sells by your recommendation or you are able to influence people to connect to a particular business, you receive certain remuneration. If you work diligently and persistently towards promoting a product or a business model with a proper plan, chances are that you will certainly be benefited with a good income. In long term, you may achieve more than that you make through your primary profession.

You have to continue the same old job of recommending things in a more structured and planned way and you get a new remuneration by developing lucrative business overtime.



There is no business that would be suitable for everybody on this earth. Every business has its own set of challenges and opportunities. Even individuals have their own choices. Some hate field work whereas some love it, some hate a desk ridden job whereas some like the comfort, some like a fixed time job whereas some like a flexible job, some hate meeting people where as some love it, and the list goes on. Just because someone doesn’t find a particular career engaging, that doesn’t mean that the career is bad.

The same applies to the segment of Network marketing. You might love or hate it, that’s a personal choice, but that doesn’t make the whole business unworthy. The important question is the cost of opportunity. Are you resourceful enough to put in the required cost, infrastructure and risk to start a career that might give you a great return? If you are, please don’t opt for network marketing.

In case, you are not resourceful enough, your risk taking capacity is less, or you have lots of responsibilities then what will you do? Are you willing to kill your dreams or would love to take a little pain for your loved ones? This is a burning question which requires serious introspection.

This is an undisputed fact that network marketing/direct selling/MLM is a low cost opportunity. This is well documented that many people have achieved high end luxuries, enviable lifestyle and recognition through this system.

The possibility of becoming something at a negligible cost and risk is worth considering.

This possibility may come with little pain, rejection and hard work, but if you love the rewards, then other things don’t matter.

Choice is yours !!!