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Friends, there are so many of my readers and people who call and ask me regarding how to achieve success and cope up with failure.

Some of my friends have asked me,” How to prevent failure?” 
Some others wish to know, “How can I recover from failure?”

Regarding this let me begin by asking a direct question which will automatically reveal a bitter truth. In this whole world, do you know even one such Achiever, who has never failed or faced defeat in his journey towards his destination? Have you ever come across any Achiever who wanted to quit after a failure?

I would like to cite India’s most viewed sport cricket over here. There was a bowler in whose bowling Yuvraj Singh scored six consecutive sixes.

  1. Did the bowler leave the game midway because of this?
  2. Did Yuvraj Singh lose hope when he had cancer, and retire himself from cricket?
  3. Did Sania Mirza or Saina Nehwal stop playing the game after an injury? 

The answer is NO.

Each one of these persons got up, and just like a fighter got prepared to work harder till they succeeded.

All of these players were injured at one time or other. There is not a single boxer in the world that didn’t sustain the severe fight in the ring; a cyclist who never fell while cycling; a hockey player or a footballer who never injured himself during a game.
Despite their injury and wounds, all of them stood up, showed the courage to start a new battle. Only after this, they were acknowledged and glorious stories of their success were written.

Failure defeats losers, but it inspires winners.
You need to think, what difference failure in one exam or one business venture will it make if you fail in one exam, or you did not succeed in your business? There is a countless number of people in this world who stop taking decisions and stop trying after facing a single failure. I would like to emphasize that you cannot write a single success story in which there is no failure.

It has been rightly said that ‘Failures are the stepping stones to Success’.

Every player falls, a scientist has been unsuccessful in many of his experiments, an industrialist may have taken many wrong decisions. You will not come across a single person in this world, who can claim that all his projects, plans and decisions have been successful; so never be taken aback by failure.

Failing It is not a bad thing, but it is bad if you accept defeat and do not try again. The sooner that you bounce back, the faster you will achieve success.

I challenge you always to follow your dreams, and never to lose hope. Even if somebody criticizes you, never stop, keep on trying till you succeed; because in the end, everyone salutes the rising sun.

To get motivated, listen to my song in hindi. …..
With my fists clenched tight…..
With a deep breath taken in…..
To fight against everyone……….
To reach the greatest height…..
I am ready, I am ready, I am ready.
I am prepared to fight, to achieve my dreams.

Thank You,
Dr. Ujjwal Patni
Business Coach | Top Motivational Speaker
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