After Having Watched This Video, You Will Consider Yourself to Be a Billionaire

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In this world of bad news every day, I am going to share some good news with you. I am a bit fearful that this might raise your heart’s pulse rate a bit.

Let me begin with the good news without any further delay. All the people who have the ability to hear, read and watch at this very moment are all BILLIONAIRES. I am sure that you are now wondering, how this can be true when you don’t have that kind cash or bank balance. Some of you may even laugh it off considering this a joke. I still will insist and repeat that all of you are indeed BILLIONAIRES.

I understand your thinking that it has been difficult to pay off your monthly instalments of house you purchased or the two wheeler let alone your capability to own a four wheeler. If you are a Business Owner than you may more than often find it difficult to pay staff salary. Even in this situation, I will again emphasize that “You are a BILLIONAIRE“. 

Friends, we all are BILLIONAIRES and I repeat and live this truth each day of my life.

One of my acquaintance had suggested, that if ever presented an opportunity then, I must visit ‘Dialogue of Dark’ a famous restaurant. So, some time back I did just that. As soon as I entered this restaurant with my family, we all noticed that it was pitch dark inside. I had never imagined that one could be so blinded by the darkness.

The waiters escorting us informed that we all need to find our way by holding or touching the walls. They also, informed us that, we would be served fruits, vegetables and other eatables and this has to be felt by mere touching.

We were then led to an area with statues of eminent leaders and freedom fighters. Here, we had to touch these idols and try recognizing them. After this we were invited to a game of cricket in this we had to make guided by the sound of tapping ball.

After this hide and seek business, we were finally invited for our dinner. You may not believe me but I had to literally struggle just to eat my food, as I had to be very careful to get food in my mouth. Literally holding my face steady, in order, just to feed myself. I, literally moved my hands all over the plate to find daal or vegetables. The simple task of eating chappati was accomplished by first making pieces of one chappati and then eating it.

All this was so frustrating and terrible that, I just left my meal and went out of the place. However, when I thought carefully, this experience was such an eye opener for me and my family. All of us, realized the value of SIGHT that we had till that moment taken for granted. We don’t even spare a moment’s thought in understanding the blessing that we all have, even while our hands effortlessly help us accomplish various tasks throughout the day. The true importance or value of properly formed and functioning hands is only realized by someone who is denied of this boon.

I would urge you to watch videos of Nick Vujicic available on the Internet. Nick suffers from a rare disorder with a discrepancy of arms and legs. You will be amazed to know how deftly he uses his mouth to apply paste on his brush. He even holds the glass with his mouth for a mouth wash. He shaves himself by holding the shaver in place, with his neck.

People without feet can only understand their worth, otherwise people with feet may just relax and do nothing. Ask the dumb what is the value of speech. Compare them to people who can speak but utter hurtful words, discouraging others and spreading negativity all around. Ask those who are deaf, what is the meaning of music. To them all sounds are alike because they cannot hear anything.
Friends, you are truly blessed, possessing organs which are priceless.

Can you ever even think of selling your eyes, your hands, or your feet, at a cost of 2-4 crores?

Your organs are worth more than crores and crores of rupees. Be thankful to the divine almighty God, who has gifted you with a property worth billions and trillions. He has positioned you in the universe only after making you worth a BILLIONAIRE.

Have you ever realized the plight of parents with a mentally disabled child? In order to raise such a child, both mother and father put in all their energy and money; their life is a constant struggle.

Be grateful to God that he has endowed you with the power to think. You have an immense energy to plan your life; to see your past, present and future. Instead, you are being so ungrateful by thinking only of the adversaries in your life. You waste your time thinking about those who hurt you and why? Since you have the tremendous power to think, at least utilize it to think positively.
Friends, you are the owner of property worth trillions of rupees. Some scientists from England have taken up research to evaluate the cost of various organs of the human body. They started working out the cost of every nerve, each blood vessel, and every organ present in the body. The evaluation has only reached mid- way, and the mid- way cost is working out to the tune of eight billion dollars. This is the cost of a human body.
Instead of being proud possessor of a body worth billions of rupees, we are complaining about trivial matters. We get up each morning with a sad face, and begin the day criticizing people and gossiping. The rest of the day we watch unproductive Television serials. Instead of this, we should be utilizing all our energy doing productive work.

My dear friends, the visit to ‘Dialogue in the dark’ made me realize how precious my eyes are. I thank God from the deepest core of my heart that a visit to such places evokes a feeling of sympathy and compassion within me. Whenever I come across somebody who is under privileged than me, I realize how able I am. Otherwise, 99% people begin counting their deficiencies, when they meet a person better than them.

God has given you a brain which works like a super computer. You have been bestowed with the capacity to dream.

  • Fulfil your dreams by getting into action.
  • Stop making excuses.
  • Keep laziness and fault finding at bay.
  • Stop leading a mediocre life full of compromises.
Let decision making and action be your focal points.Otherwise, it would be sheer stupidity to waste such a priceless property as your body.
Friends, I wish to ask you a few questions, and I would like to hear from you so that we can have a discussion. This will enable me to know if you have liked my thoughts.

The first question is - If we have the capacity to listen, to think, and to understand things, then should we not be considered as V.I.P.?

The second question is – Who in your opinion, is the person who can defeat you, or curtail your success?

I firmly believe that you will answer both these questions. This thought may pull some people out of their comfort zone, it may awaken others, and inspire few others to an extent that their life is changed. If you volunteer to do this small social service, you will get blessings from people which will add to your account, and lead you to the road to success.

I am out on a mission, to inspire every average person towards excellence. My mission is to make every unsuccessful person achieve success.

I am on a mission to carry every person to the next level, and show them the right path. I am not so strong and capable while walking this path alone. To accomplish my mission, I need all your support to go ahead with my mission.

Thank You,

Dr. Ujjwal Patni
Top Motivational Speaker | Business Coach

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