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Today, I will begin my blog with a beautiful quotation that has inspired me. - “One Day every kite lands up in dustbin, but before it has to fly high in sky”

Do you ever wonder, why kite is created, when we all know that at the end it will be thrown in the garbage?
Even when the kite is new, we all know that after sometime it will tear off, fall from height will get damaged and at the end its function will be permanently finish as it becomes useless. The purpose of creation of kite, is not just to be destroyed, but prior to that it has to rise and soar high in the sky.

Our end is inevitable, one day we all will perish and be reduced as nothing but dust particles. Before, we meet our end, we must achieve our goals and reach ultimate pinnacle. God created man for a purpose and we all need to prove our worth during our lifetime. As our natural end is turning to dust, for this reason learned men say that, “We came in this world with nothing & we will not be taking anything from this world.”  
Even after saying like this, believing that end is inescapable so it will happen to all including family members, if these learned persons were asked to donate all their wealth, they would not be able to do so. Ironically, people like this can only preach but cannot practice. They are like virus and must be strictly avoided.
We all must always bear this in our mind that during our lifetime, while growing up, we need to accomplish certain tasks. Everything can be done at a certain time and age, so whatever we do must be done with zest and fervour.

If, you are with your family, then try to be the best. Be the best parent to your children, the question of not caring enough or how it will make a difference should not occur your thought process.

Try your best, in each and everything you do.

If you are employed or running a business, your efforts and endeavour should be in the direction, to become known amongst the Top in your field. Never in your life make an excuse by quoting, “Even if I reach the top, then also everything will come to an end, so what’s the use of achieving.” This excuse is the most rubbish one can give for not working towards their goals.

Instead of worrying about the future, concentrate on present and try to live it with utmost respect.

There may be many people who have no wish to earn money from themselves but possess immense capability. My advice to them is that they start utilizing their talent for the benefit of others. The money earned from their talent can be donated for a good cause, be it towards building hospitals, orphanage or even homes for homeless, contribution to some poverty stricken person’s marriage etc.

God has blessed you with knowledge, capabilities, confidence and the strength of leadership, utilise all this to make a decent earning. As mentioned earlier, if you do not wish to acquire wealth for yourself, contribute or donate it towards the welfare of the society.
Today, Bill Gates is the richest man in the world, but he has donated all his wealth to ‘Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’. The funds have been so well managed that they can be used gradually in phases. Similarly, Warren Buffet, Mark Zucherburg and Azim Premji have donated a major portion of their assets towards social work.

It does not matter how successful you are, what matters more is whether you have utilized all your talent and abilities to earn that success. For instance, if you have the ability to reach a score of 1000, but you stop at 50-100, then you are not fully successful, even if you are   comparatively better than your counterparts.
Even a machine is considered efficient when it gives 100% performance. Same is the case with a train or flight which arrives and departs on time, otherwise its passengers get dissatisfied.

The reality is that we are all destined to perish. What I am emphasizing is that, before we reach our end, we have to touch the sky. We have to excel in our particular field and reach the pinnacle, otherwise we will only be considered a burden on mother earth. We will only consume during our life and bring about change in climate, if we do not give back to mother earth.

So, make your birth a boon, and do something worthwhile which will make people around proud of you and also remember you in a positive way even after you are gone.
Thank You,

Dr. Ujjwal Patni
Top Motivational Speaker | Business Coach

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