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Friends, recently I came across a video of some young children residing in a small island in Thailand. This video was so inspiring that I thought that I must share their story with you. These young boys didn’t let the excuse of lack of resources or other facilities come in the way of their passion for playing football. Instead of complaining they took the initiative and constructed a football ground to play this game themselves. Their zeal for this game of football gave them so much recognition that they within some time were recognized as one of the top football clubs in Thailand. Steadily, they started excelling in their game and began participating in playing matches against international football teams as well. The innovative and ‘out of the box’ thinking of these young champions and their leadership qualities is motivating and thought provoking.

This is a true story depicting, that if a person wills it, no force on earth can stop him from achieving his dreams. The children reside in Thailand in an island named Koh Panyee. It is a very small island in Thailand and can be reached either from Phuket or Krabi.The idea of playing football got triggered, when little children of Koh Panyee would sit together and watch football matches on television. This motivated them to play the game and make a football ground for themselves.

This island is encircled on all sides by water, so much so, there is shortage of land for its inhabitants. Yet these small children took the initiative to construct a football ground. They collected wooden planks, wooden poles, and whatever came their way; they manually fitted these odd shapes together. This is incredible, yet true. The football ground was eventually prepared.

On a small island, with water all around, with not even proper paths to ride a bicycle, there was created this small football ground. Playing on such a small ground was also difficult. A hard kick and the ball would land in the water; then would follow the tenacious efforts to take out the ball. With this, the boys developed new game tactics.
To play on the small ground, they began to avoid kicking hard, did controlled dribbling, gave each other small passes, and also learnt to hit goals in the small 4’ goalpost. For these boys, the goal post in the actual ground became a boon.

This shows that, a successful person who has been raised with limited facility, turns out to be even better than a successful person who grew up with unlimited facilities.

The boys continued practicing their game. One day, they came across an advertisement about a tournament in some town. The children expressed a strong desire to play in the tournament, and decided to prepare their team for the match. Till now, the villagers who would laugh at the boys, stood up for them and even arranged T-shirts and shoes for the team.

Just remember, whenever we make a decision to achieve something great in life, whenever we choose a career of our choice, whenever we are innovative or think out of the box; it is a natural tendency of people to laugh and jeer at us. If we take a tough stand and are firm in our decision, the world will stand up with us. Because then they admire our grit, see a success story in us, and feel they can bet on us.

Thus with the support of the villagers, further boosted the spirit of the young players. They began to win one match after the other. During one of the matches, it started raining heavily. The ground had become slippery and the boys were having difficulty in running with their shoes. They removed their shoes and played bare footed, and shot many goals. They won the match.

The perseverance of the children eventually bore good results. Today, their club ranks in the top 3 clubs of Thailand. Their team has been winners in the National championship, 4-5 times.

This small island, Koh Panyee, is having an entirely a muslim community. All the villagers, young and old, pray together. The children of the village play football all day long, even before and after the prayers. The island is strewn with small shops, and all these shops sold accessories related to football. Children from every household were motivated to become a football player.

Just imagine that a small island with no proper ground and place to play, with no facilities for the players to practice; such a place can emerge as the only Football island in the world. A few children of this island, because of their out of the box thinking and their strong desire to play, has given this island worldwide recognition.

What we need to learn from these young children, is that with such limited facilities, amid so much mockery and after facing so many challenges, when these little boys have been able to do such incredible tasks because of their strong will power; then what is it that prevents us from achieving large goals?

The boys for their grit and passion are commendable. Their diligence, passion, and perseverance are inspirational. It can be said with conviction that, no physical barriers can come in the way if you have big dreams and the courage and passion to achieve your goal.

Thank You,
Dr. Ujjwal Patni
Business Coach | Top Motivational Speaker

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