How to Always Keep Your Self Motivated?

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My dear friends, there is one question that people always ask me in all my seminars, and that is how to remain motivated. When you listen to something good, you tend to get motivated and inspired. This effect is registered for a couple of days, and then gradually begins to discharge, just like the battery of a cellphone. Today, I will give you some tips on how you can remain motivated.

The great author and orator Dell Carnegie, was once confronted by a lady. She was of the opinion that Carnegie’s system of motivation was baseless and made no sense, because if you are motivated one day, the effect fades away after 2-3 days. Carnegie asked the lady very politely, with no intentions to hurt her, “madam, how often do you bathe to cleanse your body? Is it after few months, or after few weeks, or after few days?” Expressing a little annoyance, the lady replied,” what are you talking about, I have a bath daily.”

Carnegie immediately quipped,” if you bathe daily to keep your body clean, then likewise, you need to  get motivated daily to clear your brain of all negativities.” It is not that once you get motivated, and you get a lifetime guarantee and warranty.

Few tips, if followed, will be helpful to keep yourself motivated.

First and foremost, make it a regular habit to read a portion from some motivational learning book. If possible, enjoy your morning tea with Mahatma Gandhi or Nelson Mandela. Before retiring to bed in the night, you may spend some moments in the company of Mark Zucherberg, Steve Jobs or Elon Musk. You may ask me how you can get in touch with these great personalities. Well, they are easily available in the form of books, at a price ranging from Rs. 200 to 1000. Their rich life time experiences, which   they have shared in these books, are easily available at such a small cost. Cultivate the healthy habit of reading for some time, every day.  You must read motivational and inspirational books, as well as books about achievers.

Secondly, hear some motivational audio each day, if only for a few minutes. While having a morning walk or driving to your place of work, is a good time to hear some positive thoughts. During the whole day, you must surely take out some time to hear an audio or see some motivational video.

People who hear my motivational talks of 4-5 minutes, on Ujjwal Patni show, request me to enhance the time of my videos. I tell them that an average person has the capacity to easily accept 5 minutes of motivation. Only seasoned and experienced people can concentrate for a longer period of time. During a travel time of 5-10 minutes, you can easily listen to one episode of Ujjwal Patni show.

If you are a regular morning walker, then you can fruitfully spend an hour of your morning time in positive learning. This will bring about a revolution in your life style. You will be charged with positivity in the morning itself, enough to solve any problems that surface during the day.

The third task should be to meet at least 2-3 achievers every week. They could be among your neighbors. They could also be one of your relatives or friends, your business associates or clients, your vendor or supplier.

Whoever it may be, but you must meet 2-3 achievers on a weekly basis.

The relation with achievers is like a charger and the socket. When you meet them, you get charged. Achievers do not discuss your problems, or hurdles, or what people speak about you. Achievers show you the path of living, based on their own experiences. Achievers pull you out of your comfort zone, and create a stir within you.
The fourth and very important task is to prepare a list of all your goals. Look up your goal list each day, it will direct you what you have to do during the day and what you expect to achieve. Read out your goal list aloud, you can also use it as a ringtone or wall paper on your mobile phone. When you do this every day, you will be constantly reminded of your goals in life, and you will not miss out on them.
Friends, I can assure you that if you do these four tasks, you will never face any problems in life. You will always remain motivated. Every day when you get up, you must prepare a to-do list for the day. Not a single day should pass, when you do not know what you have to do. There should not be a single moment when you have to sit idle, and think what you have to do next. Better still, when you make your to-do list, prioritize your tasks. Then you will know which task has to be completed first, and which one has to be taken up next.

Friends, I wish to tell you that if you remain motivated every day, it will bring about a revolution. Is it impossible? No, you can make it possible, if you follow the four steps that I have told you. You will be able to achieve all your goals. The more you achieve, more people will be drawn to you for inspiration. The more you inspire and motivate others, the more you will become charged.

Your life is precious, and you have to take its responsibility. Giving your children a bright future, looking after your aged parents, and fulfilling the desires of your spouse, are part of your responsibilities. Apart from this, you have to contribute to society and to your country. All these responsibilities can be borne only if you yourself remain motivated and inspired.

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