How to Become A VIP in Life And Business?

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Friends, today I wish to share the comments from my audience, that I get to hear after my program. In general, they all find a positive transformation in themselves. Some say that their daily schedule has changed. Some feel a marked improvement in their physical, mental and spiritual health. They feel very vivacious, inspired and motivated. They are relieved of any complexes in themselves. Their business has also transformed.

People confess that after the program, they have changed for the better. Their parents, their spouse, their children, and even their colleagues at office are happy to see this change in them.

The name of this program is VIP, and I am proud to conduct it. You must have heard people talk about my VIP program. Today, I will give you detailed information about it. VIP is a residential program, spread over 2 days. On the first day, the participants report at 10 am., and leave at 7pm. the next day, spending one night with us.

During the course of the program, I deal with 70 success habits. For example, in technical success habit, we explain how to use a mobile phone, google, various apps, internet.
In personal success habit, we tell about time management, how to make best use of every minute, how to gain popularity among people, how to encourage and motivate others.
Likewise, there are super achiever, family, parenting habits. These 60-70 habits are dealt with under 6-7 sections. On conclusion of the VIP program, participants are required to take an oath to practice 10 habits.

During the night, the participants play a game of deletion. Through this game they realize that they are moving ahead in life at a fast pace and also working very hard, but they are not moving in the correct direction and hence they are not happy. This realization brings tears in many eyes.
In these two days, people learn the secret to success, by playing several games and listening about success habits.
I believe that every successful person has particular success habits. If we are able to inculcate such habits in our lives, we too can bring about a transformation in ourselves.
The results of this VIP program begin to show within 1-2 months, when I begin to receive phone calls, mails and letters from the participants. They cannot contain their happiness when they tell me how life has changed a full circle for them. It is unbelievable, how a 2 day program can bring such a big change.

We are conducting the VIP program in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Raipur. For two days, 30-40 people stay with me in this program. Today, you need to take a very important decision. All of you spend money to buy the best furniture, vehicle, clothes, jewellery. But, an improvisation plan for your brain remains out of your budget.
Good thinking makes a person a VIP. Today you have the means and opportunity to transform your life through this program.

I invite you to this VIP program, to learn success habits and bring a positive change in your life. You can get all the information regarding VIP program and place on the website and my Facebook page.

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