How to Make Your Staff And Team Strong ?

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Greetings to you, my friends. I wish to announce that our company has an annual tie-up with several organizations, to train and mentor their staff and team of employees. After having made this deal with an organization, every business owner expects from us, that we shall be able to create a strong team of workers for him.

The owner of a cloth store will tell us, ‘I want some good and smart salesmen.’ The owner of a jewellery store hopes to have a wonderful sales team that can meet their sales target. The owner of an automobile showroom expects to have a strong team of salesmen who can sell their products better than their competitors.

Every organization is in need of a strong salesman. The problem is that no salesman is born directly from his mother’s womb. Just imagine, a newly born baby with the label of a salesman, a lawyer, or some other professional. This however can never happen.

School and college students also do not have a course in salesmanship, in their syllabus. Even, students who study sales and marketing for their MBA, do not want to delve in salesmanship. They would rather opt to become good managers who can control salesmen. So, the question arises, how a good salesman is born. A business man is in need of a good accountant, but again, how is an accountant produced. Every store needs a good customer greeter, who can extend a warm welcome to each customer with a smile. Just tell me, which school or college teaches you these courtesies to welcome your valued customer.

Friends, your team has a big role to play in the success that you are going to achieve tomorrow. The better your team, the higher you are going to rise. Otherwise, you alone will tire out and be drained of all your energy, gradually leading to your end. The question now arises that a good team is not available, readymade. In such circumstances, what will you do? Will you curtail your success and let your dreams be shattered? Will you let go of the opportunities, or will you take a step forward to prepare for your success, by initiating to build a good team? At this very juncture, you require a good salesman training program.

It is often seen that when a customer visits one cloth store, he realizes that the salesmen at the store do not take interest in showing the various items. On the other hand, the same customer is warmly greeted at another store and the salesman passionately shows several items, till the customer buys a select piece to his satisfaction. Why does it happen that while one salesman easily sells products, another salesman at the same counter is unable to sell his goods?
Friends, for your business to flourish, the need of the hour is to build capable teams. For this, you need staff training and staff motivation. Before you start on this programme, you have to access your team and find out what are the drawbacks. If you have the capacity to teach and train your team, you can take up this task yourself. But, generally it is seen that self - possession is always undermined and others possession seem better. Hence, this becomes the entry point for staff trainers, in your organization. The biggest quality in human beings is that they are trainable. If we think that certain people will not change despite our teaching them, then we are wrong. If capable trainers teach them using the correct techniques, then they will surely change. For instance, a non-swimmer may not be able to inspire a person to learn swimming. The same person, however, may be motivated if he watches a swimmer plunge into the waters and begins to swim.

The most important and foremost task in a training schedule is the entry of the training team. This team will be responsible to train the manager, the entire staff, including the account department and customer relationship section. The team will prepare training modules, set various rules, and a list of Do’s and Don’ts. If you are the owner of an organization, then it is all the more essential to first prepare a ‘do and don’t’ list, so that it is clear to the staff what tasks have to be done and which have to be avoided.

Many business owners are of the opinion that they can grow in their field, even without arranging for staff training. Believe in me, you will never be able to reach the expected heights. All that you can personally do for your organization, is that you can fetch the required materials, furnish your office and decorate the walls; but where will you get the hands which will sell your products. These hands will have to undergo a process of learning and training to become fit for the job. If you train ten people, it is quite likely that three of them will not be good enough, but at least you will have seven good salesmen. And, the owner should be happy with this ratio.

There are so many organizations where we started the culture of mass prayers in the morning. Today, when 100 -200 people assemble together for prayers, then the entire store, mall, office resounds with positive vibrations. If a customer, a guest, or a retailer happens to visit the store during the prayer session, he is amazed at this positive culture, and he begins to hold your organization in high esteem. During the prayer meeting, when all the members of the organization make their affirmations about what they wish to achieve and what they want to become, at that time the whole hall begins to reverberate. All the staff members respectfully call each other as sir and madam, instead of their names. This further impresses the customer, who in turn begins to respect your entire sales team.

Friends, for the past several years salesmanship has been regarded as an art. But, in the true sense, salesmanship is as much a science as it is an art. Most art forms are not trainable. On the other hand, science is logical, and is always trainable and measurable as well.

Keeping in mind the benefit of your organization, you must inspire and motivate your staff. At the same time, be on the lookout to hire an experienced agency which can train your staff. Always remember, that money can buy furniture and goods, money can buy machines, money can advertise your products, but money cannot buy a good work culture and rich traditions. An efficient system of work culture can be created only through proper training. So, if you invest on training, it will pay you 100 times in return.

Any training, motivation, or a system of culture and policies, is not only driven by money, but it has a very clear vision behind it. There may be more than 500 organizations in a city, but only 5 of them will opt for a training program. Out of 100 jewellery stores, only one store will have its staff trained. Among 200 cloth stores in a city, only 4 will undergo a training session. It is not that only these few organizations have the money for conducting training sessions. More than the money, it is the vision of these organizations that really matters.

All those organizations in the country who are training their employees, are worthy of acclaim, because they are creating a good work culture. On the other hand, those who are not doing so, are themselves the staff and labour of their organization, because they have to shoulder all the responsibilities themselves, due to a missing work culture. If you aspire to take your unit to the next level, then you must begin to invest in the upgradation of your staff, without further delay.
Friends, I wish to ask you few questions and I request you to please reply on YouTube or mobile App.

  1. Is it really possible to train the staff?
  2. Will you experience growth in your organization after training your staff?
Please answer these two questions. Also share this video on WhatsApp, so that this message reaches the thousands, lakhs and crores of businessmen and entrepreneurs all over the country, that more than earning money alone, they must also invest in upgradation of their staff. When the staff, team member, or employee is upgraded, then he is not only a sincere employee but also a good father, brother, son or a good mother, sister and daughter. An upgradation brings about multi- faceted changes in the personality of a person.

So, it is my earnest request that you all share this video as much as possible, to create an awareness amongst as many business owners across the country, that they must include employee upgradation in their annual budget.
Thank You.

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