If You Are a Student, You Must Avoid the 3D

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A student is always attached to the word Dream. Anybody who meets a youth, be it a relative, a tutor or a well-wisher, is curious to know what his Dream in life is. A student’s world spins around his dreams, his aspirations, his aim in life, and things he can do to make his parents proud.

But, the 3D of this modern world are ruining the dreams of today’s youth. The 3D are making the students to go wayward and distracting them from their goal.
To talk about 3D, the first D is DRUGS. Today, drugs have become a symbol of modernity. Drugs have gained access everywhere, beyond imagination; be it a village or a town or in metros. Drugs are easily available today through the medium of Internet, Google and various Apps. All information, right from the name of the drug and where it can be procured, can be searched on these sites.

You enter this vicious circle of taking Drugs through your close friends. When such friends pressurize you, you will never suspect their ulterior motive, and get into the trap. Maintain a distance from close relatives, friends, class mates or team members whom you know are addicted to drugs.

Any drug, whether to be consumed orally, to be rubbed in or to be injected, is equally dangerous. This ‘fashionable’ addiction will shatter your dreams and keep you away from reaching your goals. So, in order to fulfill your dreams, avoid use of the 1st D.

The next D which stands for DRINKS, is another passion of the fashionable youth of today. It is just as difficult to find a student in school/college who is a teetotaler, as it is to find a person working in government office, who does not accept a bribe. There is no party in which beer and hard drinks are not served, and if any person refuses a drink he is mocked at and labeled as outdated. Only remember not to get so habituated to drinks that you lose control over your life.

In my training programmes, habitual drinkers have admitted that they go to the extent of cheating their parents by using their tution fees, stealing valuable articles from home, and even borrowing money from friends to buy drugs and drinks. As a result of this bad habit, they are unable to concentrate on their studies and are always restless. They can only relieve themselves from this trap by exercising a strong will power. Keep away from this 2nd D, DRINKS. Let people call you old- fashioned, but first achieve your goals. After that you will have numerous opportunities to enjoy life.

The third D is DESIRES, and the most dangerous of all. Today we find that not only college students, but even small children studying in class 5 or 6, are desirous of sex. They enjoy reading, hearing, watching porn material. If they get the opportunity, they do not hesitate in getting involved in sex, and that too without any preventive measures. This is a very sensitive and burning issue of the present times. Mobile phones, internet, utube, wattsapp, have simplified this even further.

Children of class 5 or 6 handle their parents phone to gain access to adult videos. Intimate scenes of hugs, smooches, kisses that are shown in movies, have made sex an open affair; and the children are growing up before their age. It is important, however, to understand that this is not the right time for such things.

Akin to a game of Cricket, in our life also, the pitch and boundary are essential. If we go astray, our dreams will be shattered, even before we realize it. You will also be killing the desires and dreams of your parents who are spending their hard earned earnings to build your life. They will be in a state of shock, when it dawns upon your parents that you are addicted to drugs, drinks and sex. A little FUN is like snake venom; it can end your life even before you may realize it.
So give a conscious thought to the 3D- Drugs, Drinks and Desires. First achieve your dreams and aspirations, build a stable career for yourself. Having reached the maturity to differentiate what is good or bad for you, your behavior will then be justified.

For your own sake, decide this very moment, not to mingle with friends who take drugs, do not visit places where drinks are offered, and do not deplete yourself of energy even to think about sex. Life will give you many opportunities later, but at this age your focus should be on your goals; all luxuries will follow later in life.

The decision is yours, protect yourself from 3D and attain your dreams and aspirations.

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