If You Follow These 4 Things, You Will Never Lose Your Job

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Friends, today I will advise you on a subject which will enable you to have job stability. If you follow these tips, even during a period of recession or lay off, the management will always consider your case and give it a serious thought before taking any adverse action against you.

1) Be updated, as compared to others

Whether you work in an industry, a manufacturing unit, a jewellery shop, a retail outlet, a corporate office or as an engineer in an IT company; always keep yourself updated in comparison to your colleagues. To reach this stature, exert yourself to read books and articles, and keep in touch with people related to your work. This will impress your boss and top management, because you will be an asset for them, knowledgeable enough to participate in discussions during their meetings.
Generally, after being placed in a suitable job, people tend to become relaxed and they put in no further efforts to update their knowledge. They neither read books nor search on Google. Neither do they take the initiative to attend seminars or conferences.
So, the first rule you should follow is to continuously update yourself and be amongst the top 3 people of your team.

2) Always support your company in times of crisis

At a time when your company needs support from you, for example during peak season, like March ending; or when the company is floating annual offers and promotional schemes; or during an exhibition of the company’s products. There could be times when the company may be launching a new project, or there may be pressure from the customer to meet a time line. You must grab such opportunities to rise up to the occasion and readily lend support to your company, store or enterprise.
Take responsibility to complete a job even before your boss tells you. Remember that you are paid a salary for the fixed hours of work that you put in, so this routine work does not have any special relevance. But if you offer your services at the time of crisis, or when some emergency arises, your employer will always appreciate your gesture. In turn you will earn a good reputation   and will have job security.
No employer likes employees who shirk work, and make excuses during any emergency. If you are sincere towards your work and employer, you can be rest assured that the management will always support you.
3) Never talk against the management

You must be careful at all times, never to talk ill about the management, or even give your inputs and share your views in a negative discussion. Also be careful not to voice your dissatisfaction too often. There may be some people in the group who may leak the conversation to the management to show you down and categorize you as a back biter, while they themselves get into the good books.

Hence, if some issue is disturbing you, you must put it across to the management through a letter or have a direct conversation.
4) Always share your views with your employer

Every entrepreneur or business owner will appreciate to get a feedback from his employee or team members. You must not hesitate to discuss with the management on issues related to any corrective measures that are to be taken in the organization, or if you are not satisfied with the prevailing facilities, or if a customer has some special requirements. An employer is always impressed by employees who can voice their thoughts and propose solutions to problems existing on the work front.

We conduct a program named ‘Amrit Manthan’. This program is conducted in organizations with whom we have an annual tie up. By way of mentoring, we draw valuable suggestions from the employees on how to increase the sales, how to encourage customers and satisfy them, how to improve on marketing skills, how to overcome pitfalls in the organization.

Our team welcomes the suggestions from the participants, and we get astonishing results. There is a remarkable improvement in the top management as well as the workers, after the program. The customer also seems to be more satisfied.

Looking from the perspective of a business owner, what qualities do you expect in your team members? In case a customer lodges a complaint, or gives some suggestion, or expects some service; what should be the moral duty of your team? Does your team keep this input from the customer to themselves, without taking any action; or do they pass this information to the management, to handle the situation and help in the company’s growth.

Always get involved in the growth of your organization. No company likes to have inactive and lazy members in their team.
If you are proactive, progressive, participative, and give a proper feedback, you will always earn respect for yourself. If you keep the above 4 things in mind, you will prove to be a valuable asset for your company. This will help you to have a secure job.
After you have read this article, I would like to ask you 2 questions.

  1. If we follow these 4 advices, will we be valued more in our organization, and will we stand a better chance of job security as compared to our other team mates?

  2. What could be those tasks to be performed by us, which can make our job more secure as compared to other team mates?

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