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Friends, today I propose to share my thoughts with you whether you should take the easy step or the right step in life.

To give an example, on a chilly morning, everybody would love to sleep cozily, snugged under a warm blanket. This would be a very easy thing to do. Whereas, to get out of the comfort of the warm blanket on a cold morning for a brisk morning walk, or a workout at the gym would be a rather difficult task, yet the right thing to do. Similarly, watching a favourite movie during the hours set aside for studies is comparatively easy than to overcome this distraction.

“Right” task and “Right” thing, “Easy” task and “easy” thing. The very difference between these two indicates the way we look at life. It would be very natural to get offended if one is scolded by parents or by the boss in an office. However, the right thing would be to ponder over the situation and amend the mistakes. Similarly, resolving to avoid tasty junk food would be the right and a healthy decision.
At all times, life offers us two situations. It depends on us, whether we choose to do it the easy way or the right way. It is very seldom that the right work is also easy, because doing any right thing may demand greater physical effort and dedication.

Often we tend to complete a job hurriedly, or with some compromises on the quality of work, specially when we are not being supervised. We are likely to get upset over trivial matters, small hurdles and adverse situations. This is very simple, and simpler still is to blame others for these pitfalls.

On the contrary, the correct way to proceed would be to first understand the job thoroughly and also seeking advice from achievers in that field. This would enable us to establish a benchmark.

Choosing the right task however difficult it may be, is what differentiates winners from losers, achievers and non-achievers. There is a wrong notion that achievers do tasks that they enjoy. In fact, achievers pursue jobs because they are essential. Losers, on the other hand will often leave jobs incomplete, if they are not interesting or too difficult.
People from all walks of life, be they students, parents, housewives, businessmen, customers should primarily give preference to righteousness rather than easiness of work.
It could be an easy task to sell a product to a customer visiting a marketplace by giving misleading information. On the other hand, creating awareness in the customer, about the advantages and disadvantages of the product enabling him to make a wise decision, without being concerned about its sale, would be a very difficult task, but a right one. The customer will, henceforth, always rely on and respect your advice.

So, if you aspire to reach to great heights in life, ask yourself each day what your priorities are. Choose wisely between an easy task and right task. It is therefore, also expected on the part of children, not to misbehave or get into an argument, if parents scold them. Instead, they should introspect with a cool head, and be sorry if they are wrong.
It is essential that we clearly understand what is easy and what is correct. While making a decision, always opt for the right thing. It will facilitate you to achieve great heights in life.

Where you stand in life today, is a result of your own choices that you have made – the school you studied in, the effort put in to get selected in competitions, the job or career you chose, and also the friends you have.

So, from today itself, bring about a change in the choices that you make; easy thing or right thing. When you do the right thing, no force on earth can deter you from attaining what you wish.

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