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Friends, have you ever seen a rocket being launched? When a spacecraft is sent on its course, after travelling some distance, it leaves behind the propellers that are strapped on to its lower end. This process provides thrust to the spacecraft. After rising some more distance, the lowermost tier again separates and gives further thrust to the rocket. In time, after gradually rising and separating its strap-on rockets, it gets established within the orbit.

In the same way, when we are determined to rise in life, we have to shed and avoid several things and habits. People believe that they have to learn new things, to rise in life. On the contrary, I am of the opinion that one has to leave many things, before learning anything new.

One of the major things we have to shed, is to avoid taking load. We tend to get hurt and troubled on trivial issues. If someone ignores us or does not give us due weightage, if we are not given a proper response, if others do not respect our views, or if somebody speaks against us; we are totally baffled and take a load.

It is very essential that we make ourselves light, in order to rise. And to become light, we must learn the art of ignoring. A person who gets affected by every hurt, can never rise in life. The person who has learnt to ignore things that do not please him, and readily forgives others for their bad behavior, is free from this excess baggage. He has no strings attached and so he can soar as high as he wants.

An aircraft has an allowance to carry limited weight. If this weight exceeds, the aircraft will be unable to take-off, let alone fly in the air. Even a car can speed, only if it is not overloaded. In the same manner, we can achieve and excel in life, if we overlook and ignore bad experiences in life, and remember the good experiences that life has offered us.
See what happens when a comedian repeats the same joke before an audience. When the audience hears the joke for the first time, they laugh aloud; on hearing the same joke for the second time, people still respond but laugh a little less. At a third repetition, the audience decides not to laugh. On hearing the same joke for the fourth time, people get terribly annoyed. The comedian has to run for his life, if he has the audacity to repeat his joke for the fifth time.

If we cannot laugh at the same joke heard again and again; then why do we get filled with bitterness on remembering a bad experience that occurred in the past. Why is it that the life of a bad experience outlives the life of a good experience. We always remember the hurt caused by a bad experience, whereas we tend to forget the happiness of a good experience.

If only we learn to accommodate pleasant experiences in our memory, and delete and ignore any bitter experiences; then no force on earth can hold us back from rising high in life.

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