Perform This Activity Before You Go To Bed Each Night - Part 3

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Friends, you must make it a habit to introspect before retiring at night. Ask yourself what work you did during the day which you can feel proud of.
What is the differentiating line between man and an animal?
An animal is born, it learns to catch its prey, and it devours its catch and then goes off to sleep. Its sole purpose in life is its survival. An animal does not have to excel or win any battles. All that matters is its clan, where the animal portrays its excellence. And that is all.
Man is different. He sets his goals and has a vision. A man dreams to change not only his own self but the entire world.
For this reason, it becomes all the more imperative to know what commendable task he has performed during the day. If he has not done anything worth being proud of, then he is just only alive. Friends, I have no regrets in saying that almost 99% of people in this world are only alive and that too because they are not dead.
Please do not be offended if I tell you that most people work in a stereotyped matter. They get up in the morning, brush their teeth, have a bath, eat their breakfast and leave for office. Even at the office, they work for a set time. They will talk only to people whom they like, and ignore those whom they dislike. On returning home, they settle down comfortably in the same corner, day after day, watch the same favorite T.V. serial and then go to bed. They follow the same pattern throughout the year and then they comment that the year has passed off very soon. Some people have a fixed program, even on a Sunday. Every Sunday morning, they will wake up at a fixed time, leave home at a fixed time, and even visit the same hotel week after week. Many of them stick to the same menu also. They will order Paneer butter masala, daal fry, and tandoori roti, and they are set for a lifetime.
Friends, stop following your life as if it is a calendar. Do something new each day. Introspect before going to bed at the night. Scan the whole day, as if you are looking in a mirror. Ask yourself if you helped someone. Did you refrain from getting angry at somebody? Did you console and advise a person who was depressed, and came to you for help? Were you relaxed and happy during the day or were you tensed? Did you keep up to your promise and spent quality time with your children? Did you take out time for your parents? Did you make some contribution to society today? Did you spend some time in solitude and talk to yourself? Was the whole day under your control?
Ask yourself questions and assess yourself. Be proud of yourself, if you have not indulged in gossip or negative talk throughout the day. Take pride in yourself if you have not lost your temper on anybody, or complained about anything, and have behaved extraordinarily well all day. You can feel proud if you woke up on time and did your exercise and meditation. You can have a feeling of pride if you could deal well with a customer, better than you had ever done before.
Friends, if you enjoy even a few moments which give you a feeling of pride, then note them down in your diary. When you go through the pages of your diary later, you will learn to respect yourself. Remember that the world respects only those who respect themselves.
Friends, you must take pride if you have made 100% utilization of your time during the day. You can feel proud, if you have enjoyed a deep stress-free sleep, and even when you are able to concentrate wholeheartedly on a hobby during your leisure time.
Your existence has a meaning, only if you do something to hold your head high with pride. Otherwise, even animals and insects live their lives and die. You are different from them because you have definite goals in life and you enjoy moments of pride during your life.
Friends, I have picked one of the best habits from my VIP program, to gift it to you. If you start following this habit, I Dr. Ujjwal Patni can assure you, that your life will certainly change for the better.


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