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My dear friends, are you aware of the most dangerous and dreaded address in this world? If this happens to be your home address, then believe me, that you are doomed. This address is available in Delhi, Bombay, and Calcutta. It is found in Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad as well. Let me also tell you that this address belongs not only to India, but to various other countries across the world, which includes the United States of America, France, Russia, Indonesia, Japan, China, and Pakistan. In fact, you name any country and you can track this address there. This most dreaded address in the world is ‘Comfort Zone Colony’.
Friends, you will come across so many people born with a silver spoon, who have rich resources and all facilities, but still, they are unable to rise and make a mark in life. Despite the fact that they have had their education in the best schools and colleges, they continue to lead a very average and mediocre life. Many people, who were even provided good business opportunities and given established enterprises by their parents and family, still displayed poor performance.
You will come across people who may be singing melodiously, or writing poetry. Some of them may be good painters or good sportsmen, but none of them could gain name and fame as a singer, writer, painter or player. What is the reason behind this? The one and the only reason behind this is that they do not want to exert themselves. They are not prepared to disturb their comfort zone.
Such people are in the habit of getting up late, so they will not get up earlier even if required. If they are accustomed to eating food while watching Television, they will maintain the same pace, come what may. They will go to bed according to their own schedule. They will waste their time in aimless gossip, as much as they desire. At no cost are they ready to disturb their lethargic schedule.
Friends, this comfort zone is responsible for destroying the lives of so many people. If you ask me what is heaven and what is hell, then I have no hesitation in saying that ‘comfort zone’ is hell. In fact, the comfort zone is a living hell on earth. People who are habituated to remaining in their comfort zone can never grow, their performance will remain mediocre, and they will not avail of the big opportunities that come their way. They are not ready to come out of their comfort zone and work.
 I will tell you a story about my friend who was very inspired by a person. My friend thought that if he could get into a partnership with that person, then they could together create a vast empire. With this thought in mind, my friend first discussed this issue with several of his acquaintances in order to seek their advice, but all were of the view that the other person will not agree to join him. Despite this, my friend visited the other person and proposed a partnership, which of course, was instantly rejected. My friend did not lose hope. He went to the other person a second and a third time, but all in vain. My friend's fourth, fifth, and sixth attempts to convince the other person into a partnership, also failed.
The other person asked my friend why he was persisting, even after so many refusals. My friend said that it was his work to pursue the matter and that both had the freedom to make their own decisions. My friend told the other person that he will continue his requests until such time that relation is struck between the two. On the seventh visit, the other person smiled and said that he will think over the proposition. When my friend went for the eighth time, the other person could not refuse. Marveling at my friend’s perseverance, the other person remarked that anybody would have accepted defeat after two or three refusals. Finally, a pact was signed between the two, and today they are together a 100 crore party.
You must have heard about Abraham Lincoln. He could have lost hope after losing the elections for the first and second time. In despair, he could have entered into his comfort zone. But, he decided to fight it out. He became the president of America after having lost 17 elections.
Talking about our Indian cricket team, everyone must have read and seen the movie on M.S. Dhoni. When Kaif, Yuvraj was selected in the team before Dhoni, he was a bit discouraged, but he did not accept defeat. It is natural that you may feel discouraged about failure and become disheartened, but you must never give up.
You know, God and Nature have given man the capacity to bounce back. And, what is the biggest difference between man and animal? A man is capable of planning, research, and innovation. On the other hand, an animal cannot perform any of these tasks. Man can travel to different places, and make new friends. Man can access any information through Google. In fact, man is the most superior commodity of God’s creation.
Man is the most amazing and extraordinary product created by God. Being endowed with unlimited capabilities, why are you all leading an average life. Put in all your efforts. Should you fail even after this, you will not regret, because you know that you have tried your level best.
Today, I am sitting before you. You recognize me in different forms, as an international speaker, motivational speaker, a trainer. You are also aware that my books are published in many languages, and are widely read across many countries. Lakhs of people view the Ujjwal Patni Show. Yet, I feel that I have utilized only 20-30% of my talent and capacity. For this, I often get annoyed at myself. I often scold myself, and sometimes I also feel like punishing myself, for not making optimum utilization of my capacity.
It is not how successful you are that really matters. What matters is whether you have put your 100% effort into achieving that success.
Let’s take the example of a factory. The factory rolls into operation. The production also starts and it begins to make a profit. If that unit produces only half of its capacity, then outsiders may still think that the factory is performing well, but only the owner knows that his unit has a double capacity, and it is producing only half. So, the factory will get due credit only if it is using its capacity to the full to give 100% production.
We are all required to introspect. Are we in our comfort zone? Do we hesitate in coming out? Does our ego get hurt if we make a proposition to others? Do we suffer from an inferiority or superiority complex? Are we not confident enough to face a delegation? If somebody does not accept our idea, then do we get disappointed, and sit back at home?
Remember friends, we all, including you, me, and everybody else, have the innate quality to bounce back. In our childhood, we all have played with the little doll, which would jump back and stand up, every time we hit it. The doll had the capacity to bounce back. In the same way, it is not a big problem if you have been often abused and reprimanded, or have failed even a hundred times. The problem arises if you get upset and disappointed, and sit back at home. Under all circumstances, you must bounce back.
Even the dark clouds do not have the capability to overshadow the sun forever and create darkness. The darkness of the night can also not prevail forever. A single ray of sunlight is enough to pierce the darkness of the night and the clouds. Similarly, you may have to face problems and obstacles temporarily, but you will eventually be able to overcome all these limitations. The sun is present to bring you out of the darkness of night.
There may, however, be a slight delay in getting to your success. But never lose hope and sit back into your comfort zone. Also, do not take it to heart, if people discourage you. Gear up, upgrade yourself and bounce back. Otherwise, you will never be able to scale up from your average status. I hope you have realized that the most dangerous address in the world is Comfort Zone Building, Comfort Zone Colony. You will commit the worst sin if you continue to live there and lead a mediocre life. You are an amazing creation of God. All human beings have capabilities. An attendant at the petrol pump can grow up to become Dhirubhai Ambani. A newspaper hawker rises in status to become Abdul Kalaam. So friends, what are you waiting for? Gather all your energy, stand up and spring into action. Nothing has ever changed if you just sit and think. You need not even wait for others to support you. Just get started right now.

Thank You,
Dr. Ujjwal Patni
Business Coach | Top Motivational Speaker
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