Perform This Activity Before You Go to Bed Each Night Part - 2

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Dear friends, I had promised to share with you three success habits from my VIP program, as a return gift on my birthday. If you habitually ask yourself three questions before sleeping at night, your life will begin to show a positive change. This is your life, and you have to take responsibility for it.
I have already shared the first habit in my previous video. The second question in this sequence is, ‘which is the work you did today that could have been performed better?’
Let us understand this with the help of some examples.
Let us assume there are 40 students in a class. After 20 years, 5 of these students become very successful, 20 remain average, while others are below average. This happened because those 5 students who have today, reached a high level in their career, always worked diligently, sincerely and with total dedication. They never made any compromises during their studies.
Let’s take another example. There are 50 sweet shops in a town. Of these, only 4-5 shops are famous. This is because they have maintained their quality. Right from the purchase of raw materials, the preparation of sweets, up to the final packaging, these shop keepers have taken a keen interest and have shown sincerity at each level.
Likewise, there may be 200 medical clinics in a city, of which only 20 may be reputed having a long line of patients waiting, while the remaining may be average. Such a situation arises because the recognized 20 doctors give their 100% to their profession. They sincerely care for their patients. More than that, they always keep themselves updated in technology, as well as the infrastructure of their clinic or hospital. Their staff is also well trained and compassionate towards the patients. Therefore, such doctors have earned a good name, and numerous patients keep waiting for treatment outside their clinic.
Similarly, in a court, there are thousands of lawyers. Of these, 90% of them hardly have any work and the remaining 10% are overloaded with work. Of these top-notch lawyers, 2% of them are very reputed and even charge an exorbitant fee. They have earned a reputation because they never compromised with their work. As and when required they updated their knowledge, did their branding, they also marketed and showcased themselves. They worked very hard, made contacts with reputed lawyers and developed strong relationships. Only then they have been able to achieve success.
To succeed in life, we will have to concentrate on quality rather than quantity. Only quality can bring about a positive change. Instead of being average in 50 things, it is better to be a specialist in 5. Believe me, if you maintain this attitude, you will never have to look back in life.
Day after day, if you ask yourself this question that which task you could have performed better, you will get the answer. You could have focused more on a deal, which you avoided. You went unprepared for a meeting with a client. You left a task midway. Even a child, who is studying in his room, knows what percent he is devoting to his studies.
Friends, how often it happens, that you are not fully committed in your work, you still feel content that at least nobody else knows about this fact. But, your conscience disallows it. The yardstick within you evaluates your performance and cautions you that you have not met your benchmark. How can you make such compromises in your life, if you wish to attain your goal?
So, before you go to bed, evaluate your tasks done during the day, and find which work could have been performed better. You will immediately realize if you have procrastinated, or made a compromise, or worse still, that you have just passed your time in doing that work half-heartedly. It is a known fact that office goers who are supposed to work from 10 am to 5 pm, are mostly never 100% dedicated. Much of their time is spent in idle gossip and negative talks. They will be on social media, Facebook and Whatsapp. They will make their travel plans on MakeMyTrip and Goibibo. They will watch TV shows, or read reviews of movies on their mobile phone, during office hours.
Even businessmen, who work from morning till night, spending almost 12 hours at their workplace, do not work with full dedication all the time. I have no regrets in telling you, that even entrepreneurs are unable to focus on their work for more than 3-4 hours. Only people with maximum efficiency are seen to devote about 5-6 hours, the rest all behave like average persons.
I once again remind you, to question yourself each night. You will immediately come to know of your mistakes and the compromises you are making in life. When you begin to take corrective measures, your work style will improve, and you will utilize every minute more efficiently. When your mind, body, and soul will work in unison, no force on earth will be able to deter you from achieving the best results.
Remember, achieving success is entirely your hard work and your responsibility. Miracles do not happen to bring you success. So, take an oath this very moment, that you will give your 100% in whatever you do. If you are not interested in something, rather not do it. You need not have any worries if you can adopt this policy in life. Because then the whole world is an open ground for you, to succeed.
I would like to ask you 2 questions.

  1. As explained in the previous article, you were to ask yourself one question every night. Did this habit make any change in your life? Did you learn more about yourself each night?

  2. Please let me know which subjects you want to hear me on the ‘Ujjwal Patni Show’. Should I talk on topics related to business or talk to you on lifestyle? Whatever topics may interest you, please put in the comments box on YouTube. I will try to cover as many topics, as possible, in my forthcoming talks.

Thank You,
Dr. Ujjwal Patni
Business Coach | Top Motivational Speaker
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