Remember One Word, If You Want to Be Successful In Life

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Friends, firstly I wish to thank each one of you, for subscribing in large numbers to my Ujjwal Patni App on YouTube channel.
Friends, are you aware what is the most important word in this world? One word which can make you successful, irrespective of any field, whether it be business or some social service; this one word can enable you to realize your dreams, and achieve your goals. This single, all so important word, which has become very rare in present times, is consistency. It means that you must maintain a constancy, a regularity and a continuity, in all that you do.

Life is a journey. Whatever goals that you set for yourself, and in whichever field, is also part of the journey. Sometimes you will be successful and at other times you will also be unsuccessful in your ventures.

Today, I wish to tell you one important thing. During your life you may be successful or unsuccessful, there may be moments of joy or sorrow, but I want you to make a promise to yourselves that in all situations, you will continue ahead without stopping. There is no problem in becoming part of those moments, but then move ahead.

In our journey towards big goals, you will come across many small achievements and moments of joy. Most of the people get so overwhelmed, that they tend to stop at that time itself, without realizing that there is more in store for them. So when you make a small achievement, stop for a while to celebrate the occasion, enjoy, have fun, be happy and spread happiness, give gifts to your own self as well as your near and dear ones. Celebrate and enjoy the occasion to your heart’s content. Do not stop after that. Continue on the next lap of your journey with more zeal and vigour. After making an achievement, if you remain in your comfort zone for too long, you will be finished. You have to move ahead.

In the same way, if there is a moment of sorrow or grief, there is no problem if you become emotional and feel sad or cry. Elderly people say that men should not cry. This is incorrect. If you are getting emotional, cry, feel sad and desolate. You can even shout and scream till you take out your frustration. But do not stop. Don’t let any misfortune weigh you down to such an extent that you decide to stop moving ahead. If you do so, then life will take a reverse turn and you will be doomed.
Life is a struggle, problems will come, each day will pose new challenges. At times things will be favourable and sometimes they will be unfavourable. So when you face sorrow and misfortune, give vent to that emotion, and in happiness enjoy that emotion fully. Then move ahead, because life is to keep moving and when we stop it is death. One who keeps moving, will at some time, surely reach his destination, as was exemplified in the fable ‘the tortoise and the hare’. So, just keep moving at your pace.  There is a true incident about Dashrath Manjhi, a poor labourer who belonged to a small village near Gaya. He was widely known as ‘mountain man’ after he did the impossible task of breaking  a mountain single handedly.

There was a rocky mountain near his village, that people had to climb or travel around, to reach the nearest town for medical aid. One day Manjhi had to take his wife to the hospital. While crossing the mountain, Manjhi’s wife fell and she died. Manjhi decided to break the mountain manually, using a hammer and chisel. The task seemed to be impossible. People jeered at him, and he faced many difficulties. Despite all inconvenience, he continued on his mission in the heat of the scorching sun, during torrential rain and even in bitter cold. In the end, his perseverance paid off. Manjhi was successful in carving a pathway through the mountain.

A person who continues moving, is sure to reach his destination. Some may reach their goal early, while some may get delayed. So never make the mistake to stop midway. Maintain a continuity; do not stop to bask in the glory of success, or lose hope when struck with misfortune.

If you keep moving, you will continue to achieve. Just like flowing water is considered good. It is used during prayers, to sprinkle on the Gods, for drinking and bathing. Flowing water never stops, it carves its path through all obstacles. And, because it never stops on way, it remains clean, unpolluted and free from any virus or bacteria.

Consistency, in its truest sense, is the most precious word, known worldwide. Be consistent, continue to move and make continuous efforts. If you stop, everything will come to a standstill. If you move on, you can achieve anything in the world.

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