To gain growth and success in our business is one aspiration that majority of us wish for in our life. In this endeavour, there are three fundamental questions that we all need to ask ourselves so that, our task to attain growth and success becomes easi

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To gain growth and success in our business is one aspiration that majority of us wish for in our life.
In this endeavour, there are three fundamental questions that we all need to ask ourselves so that, our task to attain growth and success becomes easier. We need to ask ourselves the undermentioned three questions.
First Question: Do you really want to grow?
To express the desire verbally is quite easy, you may wish for growth, acquiring wealth or gaining fame. But the reality is that even if you have this fervent desire to grow, you must realise that it is earned by making huge sacrifices.

Growth demands that you curtail family life, time for your children or any other family engagements. You may often need to travel, mobilize resources and manage funds. You may also have to take risks.
Instead of working for 6 hours in a day, you must be prepared to slog for 8 to 14 hours per day, as your work demands. You may even need to put aside your ego and seek help from others. This may also require door to door approach.
Are you ready to do all this, to achieve growth?

To have this desire for growth is easy, but to grind oneself for this process is very difficult. Everyone wishes to rise and grow in life. When asked about their desires there are some desires that people mention frequently. Some say they want a house, some want to own a car, others want a huge bank balance, or wish to go on a tour to Europe. Each one of us has a small or big wish, but are we able to attain it?

So, answer honestly if you are prepared to pay the cost for your growth. Are you fully prepared to give your body, soul and mind, in the process of your growth? Are you ready to compromise everything, your family as well as your personal life, in order to provide a life full of comfort and luxury to your family? If you are fully geared up, then answer the next question.

Second Question: Is there ample opportunity for growth in your business?
Some business may not have much opportunity to develop. Some business may have a very small margin of profit. In some cases, the customer does not show loyalty. A little extra discount may lure the customer to another seller. In some business, a person who has better finances may enter the market and take over the business of all others.

So, you have to very carefully assess whether there is growth potential in your business, or not. To understand this, very often you will have to assess the growth of people higher than you in the same business, in the same city, or same state, or even across the country.
Assume that you have created a dream of a 100 crore project and, in your business, you rank fifth in your city. But, if the top person in this business from your state, has an annual turnover of 10 crores, then your dream worth 100 crores can in no way be fulfilled with this business. In such a situation, you will either have to minimize the size of your aspirations, or make a partial or complete change in your business.

So, the second point to be considered is, whether there is really any scope for growth in your business. If many people above you in the same business, are steadily growing, that means your business has growth opportunities. Then you have the signal to go ahead and ask the third question.
Third Question: Is your team capable enough to support your growth?
You can only rise to a level, depending on the skill and capability of your team.

  1. Your success is directly proportional to the quality of your team.
  2. Your success is directly proportional to the competency of your team.
  3. Your success is directly proportional to the passion of your team.
If you have an average team, then no matter how much you may wish to grow, you will never be able to rise, despite all your efforts and prevailing growth opportunities in your business. If your team does not have the right mind set, the passion for work and hunger for growth, and the dream to become big; then come what may, your dreams to grow will be shattered. You may have left your comfort zone, but if your team resists in breaking from its comfort zone, growth is just not possible.

In this way, even if one of the three links is missing, your growth prospects will be nullified. The first link is that you wish to grow. You have left your comfort zone, and are prepared to compromise all luxury, your private and personal life till such time that you reach a certain level of growth. Contrary to this, if you wish to enjoy your  personal and family life and spare time for hobbies and socializing as well, then rest assured that your growth will follow a delayed graph. You may be able to reach to a certain level by middle age or when you are nearing retirement. By then the entire business system would have become policy based. So, if the answer to the first factor is in the negative, you can forget to dream of growth.

The second link is whether there is a possibility of growth in your business. If you do not see any growth even in the top players of your business, then it is better not to dream about growth in that sector. Your labor will go waste and it will fetch you nothing in return.
The third link is – whether your team is growth oriented. Does your team think big? If it does not, then neither your dreams nor your business opportunities will help you. It is eventually the capability of your team, which can assist in your growth.

If there is a problem in the first point, then you have to bring about a change in yourself. If the problem exists in the second point, then you must change your business, and if the problem lies in the third point, then you are required to bring about amendments in your team.

After having done a vigorous R and D on these three points, you can ask yourself if you are prepared for growth. Then you can give a kick start. But unfortunately, even if one of the three links is out of place, then all your work is zeroed down.

So, introspect honestly about your career and business. If all the three pillars are strong, go ahead. Nothing can deter you from reaching the pinnacle of your career. We shall meet there. Meanwhile, I extend my heartiest congratulations to you.
Thank You,

Dr. Ujjwal Patni
Top Motivational Speaker | Business Coach
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