What is special about this 4 hour program

  • The only hardcore business training in India that teaches business through a four hour monoact icon
  • Business and owner in form of two characters brings out bitter truth as a mirror icon
  • What business must get to grow and how owners do exactly opposite opens the eye of owner icon
  • Gives deep insight on leadership, how to hire the right team and how alignment can be developed between partners icon
  • This four program will instantly change the way you think about business, will make you a fast and quality decision maker icon
  • If you have a business association or organization, immediately conduct this program and all key members should attend together icon
  • Miracle program to deal with competition, shrinking margins, employee issues, partner conflict and future roadmap confusions icon

Attend this one day program to

Identify the blunders that owners do & hurt own business

How to run business on a autopilot mode with little personal involvement

To create the best practices to maximize profits and productivity

Understand which type of paperwork should be done by owner

To understand what owners should do and what not to do

How deep alignment in family members is must to achieve business vision

To quickly identify opportunities in business and make money


Key Information

  • The duration of program can be two to four hours. Audience size can be small or big in cluster or auditorium setting
  • Highly interactive program,full of humour, Q & A session, Video clips, Powerpoint presentation, Music, and activities
  • Program for Business owners, Key employees, self employed professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs, Consultants, Business families
  • We organize this program in different cities where you can participate. If you want to conduct it in your city, for your group, Mail at:



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