The Guiding Principles of Ujjwal Patni International

6 P’s of Guiding Principles

Practice Extreme Integrity

  • While dealing with others, we must conduct our business fairly with honesty and transparency.
  • All commitments made by us should be well thought of and honoured irrespective of outcome. If some unfortunate happens and we are unable to meet our commitment despite great efforts, we shall face the situation with extreme fairness.
  • We shall keep all the data of clients in extreme confidentiality. Whenever we talk about our clients, we either praise or stay neutral about the clients. We shall refrain ourselves from criticizing anyone in their absence.

Pride of Association

  • We shall work endlessly to create and sustain a glorious brand image so that our participants, mentees and associates experience a pride of association. They shall delightfully and proudly talk about us in their circles. Associating with us shall add to their brand value. They shall feel pride while using their power of recommendation for us.

Participant Experience

  • We shall ensure to create moments of inspiration in every meeting, session and engagement
  • We shall create a positive environment filled with aspirations, joy and openness where they wish to participate repeatedly.
  • We shall work hard to improve this experience through feedbacks, evaluating peers and introspection.

Personalized Approach

  • We shall ensure that every participant shall upgrade. For this, we will design and present the content, method, language and elements of our teaching to ensure best possible learning of individuals with diverse backgrounds.
  • For our mentees, we shall be personally available in the shortest possible time through any possible platform, when they need us the most. We will go out of the way to support them seamlessly within best of our extended capacities. They should always feel that ‘WE ARE THERE FOR THEM’

Perpetual Upgradation

  • We shall provide with highest standards of innovative teaching at par with the best in the industry. For this we shall continuously upgrade ourselves in terms of content, teaching methods, trainers and training quality, material quality, technology and other spheres.
  • We shall ensure that our participants know the best and latest and they stand apart in their own personal and professional circles.
  • We shall seek feedbacks on a regular basis and upgrade ourselves by acting on them fairly.

Partnerships to Create ‘Our Enterprises’

  • We shall partner with people and organizations in promising business opportunities where we can also add significant value. We shall create long term collaborations through partnerships and acquiring strategic stakes in capable business ventures.
  • By putting heart and soul in such ventures, irrespective of the magnitude of stake, we shall wholeheartedly treat them as OUR ENTERPRISE. We will use all our power to remove hurdles from their paths. We will feel joy of success along with them and will shoulder the burden of failure, if it happens.
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