Ask Yourself Power Questions
By Dr Ujjwal Patni ,Posted on 2017-07-18

“He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever.”

If there is no question in life, the very enthusiasm to live would fade away.  If our children are not inquisitive and have no queries on seeing a rainbow, the butterflies, the birds, the flowers, the swing or a passing train, their childhood would become meaningless.

If a wife does not question her husband as to where is he going? Or, when is he expected to return?  Or, what must she cook? Etc, the man is unlikely to realize his being   a husband. If a teacher does not question each other, or the police dose not question the criminal, then the world will come to a standstill. Life in this world will become dull and boring.

Quest of knowledge and search of our existence is the quintessential of mankind’s progress. Science is totally based on question, and once the answers to all the questions are obtained, further debate on that topic ceases.

If you stop questioning yourself, there will be a question mark to your existence. Your development will be questioned. Your belief will be question and you will have no motive to live. In life, question is more important than their answers. There are answers only because there are questions. The number of question we ask ourselves is a measure of our desire to attain something more in life. We are able to discover ourselves only when we question:

¨     What are our faults?

¨     What abilities do we have?

¨     What do we wish to attain in life?

¨     What have we to learn from our past experiences?

The answers to a plethora of such questions will determine your future. But what will happen if you stop questioning yourself, if you star resisting the truth, and get perturbed by the answers?