4 Revolutionary Mantras for students which will help them to have time for enjoyment, and still be successful.
By Dr Ujjwal Patni ,Posted on 2018-02-10

Friends, today I will talk to you about student life. Hundreds of school and college going students, as well as their parents, are anxious to know how they must study in order to be successful. Generally, people advise them to concentrate on studies, and not to have any distractions, to sleep and wake up on time. Instead, I ask them to do what they enjoy, play video games, watch movies, play all sorts of indoor and outdoor games. Just enjoy yourselves to your heart’s content. The students are surprised to hear this. They want to enjoy themselves, but their parents get annoyed and scold them. Today I will give you a solution to your agony. I will tell you something which no trainer at your school or college would have advised you.
The first thing to bear in mind is Destination Companionship. I will explain to you what this means. You all know about your ambition in life, whether you want to be a software engineer, a doctor, a lawyer, a chartered accountant, a scientist, a technical expert, a media professional, a political leader, a pilot, or any other profession that interests you. Now, you must select such people who have a similar background or profession.
The idea behind Destination companionship, is that people of a particular profession generally share similar views, and they feel at ease to hold a conversation. This rapport may not be possible amongst people belonging to different professions, because their dreams, their goals do not match with each other, and so they have very limited things to share with each other. As an example, if two people who choose to be IT professionals, they can talk endlessly on programming, coding, developing new software. They will share interest in talking about Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg, Elon Musk. Why so? It is because they have common interests and can talk with a flow on the same subject.
You will undoubtedly enjoy the company of such a person who likes to read, think and listen to the same type of things. When you are in the company of like - minded people, time just flies; you learn a lot yet enjoy at the same time, and avoid any futile distractions. It is not surprising that Destination companionship may in the future, lead you to start a business venture with such friends.
The second important thing is first planned then unplanned. I will never suggest that you spend an entire day in planning, because neither do I follow it, nor do I expect you to do so. This is how you should go about it. The day should begin with planning. Then get into action and complete all the tasks scheduled for the day. The rest of the day is for you to enjoy. After returning from school or college, first complete your homework. Complete any assignment given, on the same day. Never leave it for the next day.
Once you have completed all your targets, goals and objectives, you are then a free bird to enjoy and do what you wish. Since you have finished your work scheduled for the day, you are free to watch television, play video games, or go out with friends. Your parents and teachers will also not object to your enjoyment, because you have completed all your planned tasks before the unplanned ones.
The third and most important of all is Time Currency. When you are studying in school or college, at the coaching centre or even  at home, utilise your time like a currency. What does currency mean? If you have a ten, hundred or a two thousand rupee note, you treat it so respectfully and use it carefully to buy good things. So, what we make correct use of, and at the right time, is currency. 

You must have leisure time only after you have made good use of currency time. During the 4-5 hours that you spend in school or college, try to avoid any distraction. Do not while away your time during a class, if you wish, go and enjoy during break hour.
While attending a class, never treat yourself like a mediocre student. Always try to take a front seat near the teacher, because it helps you to concentrate on the lesson being taught. Back benching is an attitude. Students who sit there not only waste their own time, but are also a nuisance to the class. Once in a while you can also become a back bencher and have fun, but do not become a back bencher forever.
You must treat the 5-6 hours spent at school or college, 1-2 hours at the coaching institute, and another 2-3 hours of study at home, as a load. Regard these hours of study like a 2000 rupee note, spend them wisely and thoughtfully. How you will invest these hours will be your own discretion. After the time currency slot is over, you are free to enjoy and have fun.
The fourth important mantra is Gadget Detox. You all possess a wide range of gadgets, that have become a part of your life. You will essentially have a mobile phone, a personal computer, iPad, iPod, Xbox, laptop, tab, and over 50 such gadgets. In a mobile phone alone, you have different apps like Whatsapp, UTube, Facebook, Twitter. These gadgets are the most dreaded disease of today, even more contagious than malaria, typhoid or diarrhea.
Remember to keep these gadgets away when you are using your time as a currency. If you keep these gadgets in close proximity on the table while studying, you will be distracted at intervals by the sound of notification bells; you may also be enticed to check your messages, Whattsapp, Facebook. Once you are distracted, you need some time to concentrate again on your work. So, keep these gadgets in the enjoyment slot. It is, therefore essential that you detoxify yourself from the toxicity of these gadgets.
These are the 4 revolutionary mantras. If students adapt and follow them, they can be successful and enjoy themselves at the same time.
At this juncture, I would like to ask you two questions. Firstly, which of the four points do you think is the most useful. Secondly, in your opinion what else must a student follow in order to be successful.

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