GIVE Extra to GET Extra !!!
By Ujjwal Patni ,Posted on 2015-04-12

From pin to hair oil, from Tv to Car, with every purchase you get something extra. Researchers say that this Extra impacts your buying decision. This applies on each of us. If you want something extra from life, then we have to give something special to it. When you see an advertisement, it is mentioned that preference would be given to extra experience/ degree.

Even with every small commodity like soap/shampoo/ paste, some offer is always open. These days, you do not get anything without getting something extra. Similarly, for a person without that something extra, succeeding is difficult in present scenario.

Today life has become a strong competition, Only the best player will win. So start taking extra interest, in each field as far as possible. Think before doing any job how or what new can be added to it. In a journey, where everyone else is tired and takes a halt, just take one extra step forward. A little more interest, more surrender, more dedication and a wee bit new idea create the difference between people.

Little more affection and people could be yours; little more extra effort in studies will fetch good results. You can visibly see the difference in daily life, when you evaluate actions of different people. A latest incidence again made me believe that people can create hell lot of difference with attitude of giving Extra.

something extra image

A cab driver taught me a million dollar lesson on commitment, service with a difference and passion by giving ‘’extra’’ at Mumbai. On 28th February, I went to Mumbai to make a Guinness world record with JIYO for the ‘largest number of people dressed as trees.’ The car that was scheduled to pick me up got late due to traffic jam.

I took a cab as a meeting was scheduled. The traffic was moving at a slow pace due to sudden heavy rains. It was bit uncomfortable and I was restless.

After few minutes of drive, the cab driver offered me a small bottle of packed mineral water. I was surprised as well as happy because I felt little thirsty.

Then the driver asked me for my choice of music. He showed me several tapes and asked me what type of music I would enjoy. To my astonishment, he had a good collection and immediately played, what I asked for. After few sips of water and a good music, I was relaxed. I just started thinking about the driver and his courtesy.

But this was not the end of extraordinary service. He again asked me, if I would love to read some magazines or newspaper. I thought that he might be having one or two issues of some old magazines. Still I said ‘yes’.

He presented neatly folded latest edition of India Today, Outlook, Femina, The times of India and DNA. Though we were stuck for more than an hour, but time flew fast due to his endeavours, that exceeded all my expectations. On probing further, he revealed that he is a postgraduate and he respects his job. He did all this, not because, I was well dressed in a suit and he wanted to impress me. He said that he offers this level of service to anybody and everybody.

When I went ahead to pay the cost of these extra services, he just thanked and refused. When I forced him, then he pointed towards a charity box for the education of deprived kids. His efforts etched a special place in my heart for him. I learned a new lesson in customer service. He taught me about how to do an ordinary job in an extraordinary way.

When we departed, he was not just another cab driver; he was an elevated soul for me. He was a role model. This incidence made me to feature a cab driver in this book who respects his job like his religion. This incidence once again reaffirmed my belief that you can leave an indelible mark by doing little bit EXTRA.

You can put your special mark on any act by extra sincerity and effort. While selling the same product, at the same price, with the same feature, one salesman becomes a star, and other faces rejection. It happens just because the star salesman puts extra passion, sincerity, hard work and all skills possible with zero excuses.

This spirit of doing something Extra is the key to successful financial and social life. If you remember this at every juncture of your life, then you will never remain an ordinary person, you will surely see yourself in a better, deserving role. From today onwards, after any task, ask to yourself, have I put in anything extra to it?

My simple question to you is

After reading this blog, what extra are you going to put to take your life to the next level???

What extra will you put to achieve your aspirations?

Dr. Ujjwal PATNI