The only motivational speaker in India who achieved Three Guinness world records and proved his leadership

Dr Ujjwal Patni is the only motivational speaker and trainer from India who has the rare honor of achieving three Prestigious Guinness World Records. As on date, both the records are unbeaten. The team records are an indication of Dr Patni’s charismatic leadership, courage and vision. The first record is more special because it was altogether a one man effort at a remote place of India where most of the people never heard of Guinness records. He says any coach, mentor or motivator must show leadership in their own life before teaching leadership and vision to others. After making this world record, Dr Patni included Leadership as an important element in his talks and training programs.

Date : 5 & 6 February’2005

Venue : Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, India

Title : Singing Marathon


This record was awarded for the longest choir singing by a choir group. A group of 23 singers and musicians sang continuously for 32 hours and forty five minutes. The record was made exclusively by singing bhajans as a tribute to sunami victims. A special procession was taken across the city with a convoy of more than 1000 vehicles. The program was attended by the largest number of VVIP gathering ever witnessed in any single event including Chief Minister, multiple ministers, MP’s and Mayors. The program was telecasted live on the TV channels and published in leading print media.

Old Record

The old record was made by Ottawa Mermon youth choir group, Ontario, Canada. They performed for 22 hours and thirty minutes.

Role of Dr. Ujjwal Patni

He dreamed, planned and enrolled for this record. Singly he moved forward to create a team of singers and musicians. As a management guru, he planned the whole strategy and played the main leadership role. His one man idea later became the idea of the town and the state. This was the first ever record made on the soil of the newly formed tribal dominated state of Chhattisgarh.

Current Status of the record

The record is still intact and stands tall.

Date : 2 October 2012

Venue : Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Title : The largest gathering of people dressed as Hon'ble Mahatma Gandhi


This program was designed and conceived under the leadership of Krantikari Rashtrasant Muni Shri Tarunsagar Ji Maharaj in Ahmedabad, India, on 2 October 2012. Participants from various countries and of all age groups travelled to be a part of this attempt. This program was telecasted by all the leading international channels and published in leading print media across the world.

Role of Dr. Ujjwal Patni

Dr Ujjwal Patni dressed as Mahatma Gandhi in Dhoti, Spectacles, Chappals and Lathi to lead this spectacular procession. Dr Ujjwal patni also got the honour to address the huge crowd from the dais at Abhay Ghat, Sabarmati and garlanded the most celebrated statue of Mahatma Gandhi at Gandhi Circle with other dignitaries.

Current Status of the record


1000 Gandhi on Road - Dr Patni as Gandhi and Rimpal Patni as Kasturba with Muni Shri Tarunsagar Ji

Dr Patni making his Second World Record by leading the procession of 1000 Mahatma Gandhi's at Ahmadabad

Stage of 1000 Gandhi Prog. from right -Rimpal Patni as Kasturba, Ujjwal Patni as Mahatma Gandhi, Muni Shri Tarunsagar Ji, Gandhi Ji from other countries

1000 Gandhi on Road -Dr Patni as Gandhi and Rimpal Patni as Kasturba with Muni Shri Tarunsagar Ji

Date : 1 March 2015

Venue : Azad Maidan,Mumbai,India

Title : Maximum people dressed as trees at one place


One thousand people dressed as tree gathered at Azad Maidaan and moved as a rally to The Gateway Of India, Mumbai on March 1. The record was made under the leadership of Holy saint Kushagranandi ji Maharaaj and holy saint Bhattarak ji. The purpose of record was to create awareness for environment conservation.

Role of Dr. Ujjwal Patni

Dr.Ujjwal Patni played an important leadership role in design, management and execution of this group record. He motivated thousands of people for environmental protection. He lead the procession along with holy saints.

Current Status of the record