About the Mentor

Renowned management professional, corporate trainer, professional speaker and author with over 10 years of experience in holding world class seminars and workshops for, Corporate Houses, educational & social institutions and Professionals.

Who should participate

  • CEO's, Top and Middle management
  • Entrepreneurs and Self employed professionals
  • Business owners
  • Sales and Hr Heads
  • Everyone who wants to be leader in personal, social or professional segment


Highly interactive, spiritual, practical and engaging Includes Meditation, Workbooks, Group discussions, Outburst sessions, Power videos, Obituary sessions, Case studies

Topics Covered

  • Leadership – What, When, How and Why
  • The MUST pillars of Leadership
  • 10 attitudes of leadership
  • 10 Miracle leadership minutes everyday
  • Power Thinking and Leadership
  • How to apply Power thinking in life
  • The leaders style of communication
  • New styles and myths of leadership
  • How can you develop your own Leadership style
  • The future leadership action plan

Top Indian Trainer & Speaker Dr Ujjwal Patni - An Introduction

Dr Ujjwal Patni is a top Indian author, motivational speaker, leadership coach, seminar speaker and corporate trainer. Ujjwal has written 6 motivational books in 12 languages that are available in 18 countries. Dr Patni is famous for his keynote speeches, motivational seminars and training workshop. Dr Patni has made two Guinness World Records. He is the recipient of best corporate trainer of India award, Kamal Patra and 15 other awards.