2018-02-10 By Dr Ujjwal Patni
Friends, today I will talk to you about student life. Hundreds of school and college going students, as well as their parents, are anxious to know how they must study in order to be successful. Generally, people advise them to concentrate on studies, and not to have any distractions, to sleep and wake up on time. Instead, I ask them to do what they
2018-02-06 By Ujjwal Patni

"If you want to rise in life, always choose to the “Right” way over the “Easy” way"

2017-07-18 By Dr Ujjwal Patni

“He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever.”

2015-09-13 By Ujjwal Patni


Network Marketing is not a novel idea; man has been inadvertently practicing it for ages.

Most of us habitually praise and recommend a good movie, a good tailor or a good doctor to others. We tend to share with others, the good and bad qualities of almost every consumer product and service that we happen to use. By this word of mouth publicity, we create an impact on the sales

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