About The Retail Gurukul

  • A Gurukul to inculcate the best global retail practices among the employee and business owners
  • A Gurukul that creates world class service organization
  • A Gurukul that imparts finest customer handling, engagement and relationship skills
  • A Gurukul that creates amazing organizational culture by starting specific daily tasks in the organization
  • A Gurukul that guides you about 'How to be number one in your area

The only retail Gurukul in India that guarantees specific changes and improvement

About the Mentor

Renowned management professional, corporate trainer, professional speaker and author with over 10 years of experience in holding world class seminars and workshops for, Corporate Houses, educational & social institutions and Professionals.

Who should participate

Retail store owners, senior and middle level staff of retail units, Sales team, Floor managers, and administrative team. For the best results business owners must conduct in-house programs so that full team can participate. We have designed an exclusive annual tie up mode with guaranteed out come


A 9 month rigorous action plan

  • Very close working with the organization. We don't work as an outsider.
  • Fixed five training sessions in a span of 9 months at organizers place.
  • Each session focuses on special area with a designed outcome. The changes are instantly visible.
  • Every employee gets aligned with the goal of organization. The learning goes to everyone without barrier.
  • Suggestions on employee development, advertisement, marketing, customer loyalty programs are given.
  • Low investment because it would be very costly for any store owner to bring all the employees to attend multiple public programs.
  • A specific 1-2-3 year planning is done in advance as per the objectives for deliverables and achievable

What You Achieve

  • A smiling work culture with extremely positive learning environment
  • Very active and ethical work force
  • Extraordinary customer relationship skills
  • Amazing improvement in interpersonal and public communication skills
  • Dramatic change in employee's attitude towards personal and professional life
  • Respect for the organization
  • Development of second line of leadership
  • Employee become conscious about their own image and the organization's image
  • System for everything

Customer testimonial

We started as a small store with 2o employees. Now within a span of 6 years we have three mega retail readymade stores with 500 employees with two more in pipeline. Our turnover has reached 60 times. People talk all around the country about our sharp growth and work culture. We had the training tie up with Dr Ujjwal Patni right from the day of opening. Words are short for what Dr Patni has done to our organization.

I suggest everybody to go for an annual tie-up because one or two sessions cannot give you lasting results. Fixed dates, fixed topics, fixed targets and continuous follow-up make this program one of the best retail training programs ever designed in the history of Indian. Dr Patni is one among the finest speakers of India who can talk to any level of audience. From our top management to the last pantry staff, everyone participates in his sessions. The changes are extraordinary. Many staff with low education and socio economic status have transformed in great salesman. Dr Patni has started extraordinary culture of prayers, morning thoughts, festival celebrations, small learning groups, mentoring, employee awards and lot other. You cannot understand the impact unless you experience. Just meet him once. If you are a retail format owner, just engage him without a single second thought. The returns are multi multifold.

Satish Mantri
Director - Shri Shivam Group of malls
Raipur, Bilaspur, Durg

Top Indian Trainer & Speaker Dr Ujjwal Patni - An Introduction

Dr Ujjwal Patni is a top Indian author, motivational speaker, leadership coach, seminar speaker and corporate trainer. Ujjwal has written 6 motivational books in 12 languages that are available in 18 countries. Dr Patni is famous for his keynote speeches, motivational seminars and training workshop. Dr Patni has made two Guinness World Records. He is the recipient of best corporate trainer of India award, Kamal Patra and 15 other awards.