If you learn how to take care of minutes, minutes take care of hours, hours take care of days, days take care of weeks, weeks take care of months and months take care of years. Dr Ujjwal Patni explains that even five power minutes daily can change life if you use one minute to praise somebody, one minute for apology, one minute for thanks and two minutes of day audit before sleep every day. This is a real practical non bookish program on time management


Everyone wants quick success in their respective career, all of us want name and fame, all of us wish to get noted but we don’t know how to accquire market talent. We don't understand how to brand our capabilities. All of us use techniques to get highlighted but no one reveals them. This is a unique workshop that wills open doors to quick name, fame and success.

Learn how to showcase yourself in this ultra competitive world.Dr Ujjwal Patni asks trainees to imagine themselves as a product and think why somebody will buy you from the shelf. By this innovation the workshop turns thought provoking and self realization process starts.


Happiness v/s stress, greatness v/s mediocrity, proactive v/v average, class v/s mass, solution v/s problem, opportunity v/s crisis, time investment v/s time pass , superior companionship v/s inferior companionship, optimism v/s pessimism, VIPs v/s ordinary......The attitude will decide your altitude.Dr Ujjwal Patni dissects the subject like a miracle surgeon and takes the disease out.

He hits hard again and again and again until you realize that you have to change your thought process. This is the workshop to start with for any and every age.


Imagining a life without stress is the biggest stress. Stop searching for a stress free life and start searching ways to reduce stress from life. Take your emotional remote control in your hand and start living your life your own way. Apply emotional intelligence for acting and reacting. Dr Ujjwal Patni amazingly heals you and makes you feel better by his stress relieving techniques. Moreover the solutions are applicable in different aspects of personal, professional and social life. His world famous catch line LML – LOAD MAT LO makes you a power thinker. Once you become a power thinker, you have all the power to choose happiness or stress in your life. It's like a detoxification of body, mind and soul.


This is the only program in the country that could be attended exclusively by couples. A program full of dance, romance, and excitement and fun brings back the heat of your relationships. Couples reinvent each other and spark flow here and there. It cures some deep seated notions and misconceptions about each other. This program is reunion of hearts and souls. The simple prerequisite is that only peoples who are young by heart can participate.

Top Indian Trainer & Speaker Dr Ujjwal Patni - An Introduction

Dr Ujjwal Patni is a top Indian author, motivational speaker, leadership coach, seminar speaker and corporate trainer. Ujjwal has written 6 motivational books in 12 languages that are available in 18 countries. Dr Patni is famous for his keynote speeches, motivational seminars and training workshop. Dr Patni has made two Guinness World Records. He is the recipient of best corporate trainer of India award, Kamal Patra and 15 other awards.