The Excellence Gurukul

Nobody is perfect but everybody can be better. You can choose to stay where you are or to write your own destiny. Nobody is responsible for your success or failure other than you.


VIP Is a mega residential program that is focused on THE SUCCESS HABITS that are essential to become a VIP in personal and professional life in this 21st century.

Power Parenting

I am upset because millions of parents are killing the originality, talent, self confidence and the fighting spirit of children by over expecting, over comparing, over nagging and over pressurizing.

YOLO-You Only Live Once

YOLO "You Only Live Once" is an extraordinary learning session by International Trainer and Motivational Speaker Dr.Ujjwal Patni.

Keynote Presentation

Invite Dr Ujjwal Patni to give a thunderous start to your conference, annual meetings, dealers meets, summit and all kinds of conventions.