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About Excellence Gurukul

Excellence Gurukul is a world class training program on personal, business and public excellence. This annual program is very scientifically designed after years of research by Top Trainer Dr Ujjwal Patni.

The initial two sessions focus on individual development, wishes, aspirations, personal productivity habits, personal improvement areas, personal branding etc.

The next sessions focus on different dimensions of business and profession. Dr Patni handholds you to do the aerial scan of your own business, business analysis on 60 points, revolutionary principles of business chassis for profit maximization, Cartier principle for customer maximization, business branding, The big Hug and lot more. Participants rate this as a turning point for their business and commit for expansions, delegation, new projects and big vision.

Last sessions focus on Public excellence and business body language. The last two sessions are residential where you live a life with Dr Patni in two days. He is the finest Indian coach on public speaking and takes this session with assurance results. The secret subject of business body language is also covered.

People have experienced revolutionary growth in terms of profit and management skills. This program has created many success stories of Father and sons, brothers, couples, partners and individuals.

As the name suggests, this program focuses on Excellence because Dr Ujjwal Patni strongly believes that
“Money is a byproduct of excellence”

About the Mentor

International trainer Dr Ujjwal Patni is the chief mentor of this program and he takes most of the sessions. Various renowned trainers come as subject specialist to conduct different sessions as per the need. The mentors are personally connected via dedicated Whatsapp group, emails, mobile app and mail. The mentors ensure that each participant gets the maximum output from the session.

The USP of Dr Ujjwal Patni is his personal touch because he considers Excellence Gurukul Participants as his extended family.

An incidence of his personal care is often talked by other participants. Few participants of one batch were unable to understand English notes of the program. Dr Patni personally took this as a challenge and converted the whole program side by side in Hindi also. Every member of Team Ujjwal Patni goes out of the way to support the participants.

Who should Participate

  • The CEO's, MD's & business owners
  • Professionals & entrepreneurs.
  • 2nd Generations leadership of business owners and corporate.
  • Top and middle management.
  • Individuals who have big dreams and wish to turn them into reality.
  • Anyone who want to adopt the best personal, professional & public practices.

Programme Facts

  • Annual Program

    Nine full day training sessions are organised in a span of one year.

  • Limited seats

    Not more than 40 in any batch.

  • Growth analysis

    A specially appointed growth analyst who is specially trained to analyze the growth of participants is appointed for every batch. He meets every participant many times a year to guide and support in implementation. This unique feature ensures that participants gain maximum out of the program.

  • Personal mentoring

    Dr Ujjwal patni allots specific personal time to all participants other than the program. The personal mentoring solutions work through PSA that brings miracle results. The professional fees of personal mentoring is high when done on a personal basis, fortunately this comes as a part of Excellence Gurukul for the participants.

  • UV connect groups

    Small Groups of participants are formed to interact with each other

  • Weekly tasks

  • Weekly motivational audios & videos

  • Specialist sessions

  • Implementer sessions

  • Free motivational books and Cd’s

  • Free motivational books and Cd’s

  • Worksheets & all stationery

  • Video recordings of Public speaking session

  • Certificates


  • Personal mentoring session with Dr Patni.
  • Implementer session to implement all the learning.
  • Growth Analyst - Visits of a trainer and growth analyst helps you in implementation.
  • Specialist session - A full day session where young CEO's will tell you about how to actualize various actions suggested by Dr Patni.

What can you expect from THE EXCELLENCE GURUKUL

  • A concrete personal life plan, vision and mission
  • A concrete business planning, vision, mission and strategy
  • Wellness habits and introspective inclination
  • A confident leadership & the power of thinking big
  • Explore, develop and apply your core competencies at work
  • High personal effectiveness to increase productivity
  • The power of Possibility Thinking
  • Be a good speaker and communicator
  • Ability to read others by the skill of Body language
  • You will confidently move in elite power circles.
  • A positive brand of your personality & business.
  • A corporate disciplined culture in your business.
  • The Power and capability to motivate & mobilize your team
  • A valuable Reading and writing habit
  • Ways to cope with stressful situations at business and work
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