Programs for Schools and College

A real story that touches your heart and vibrates Your Soul HOPE session gives hope that ordinary people can turn extraordinary;

Leadership 20-20

Highly interactive, spiritual, practical and engaging Includes Meditation, Workbooks, Group discussions, Outburst sessions, Power videos, Obituary sessions, Case studies

Champions of Stage

Dr Ujjwal patni is the famous author of Safal Vakta Safal Vyakti, a bestseller on public speaking and communication skills published in 12 languages.

Retail Gurukul

  • A Gurukul that creates world class service organization
  • A Gurukul that guides you about 'How to be number one in your area

Self Developement Program

If you learn how to take care of minutes, minutes take care of hours, hours take care of days, days take care of weeks, weeks take care of months and months take care of years.

Organizational Developement program

  • Creating power thinkers in the organization
  • Developing power relationships

Body Language

Researchers say that verbal communication constitutes 35% and body language constitutes 65% part of communication. In real life people keep on working lifetime

Network Marketing Program

  • Exclusive Division that Understands & Cares for every aspect of Networking
  • Availability of Books & CD's

10 Miracles

A world class workshop to transform you into a world class human being. Get ready for tears and laughter in this soul purification workshop


A real story that touches, your heart and vibrates your soul Josh session gives hope that ordinary people can turn extraordinary; good can turn great and better can turn best. A true story laced with tears and laughter.