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About VIP

VIP Is a two days residential program that is focused on THE SUCCESS HABITS that are essential to become a VIP in personal and professional life in this 21st century. This is the only training program in country that exclusively talks on success habits.

Dr Ujjwal Patni presents more than 60 success habits with the help of audios, videos and exercises. The participant commits for few out of them and the life transforms from the same day.

VIP covers topics like

  • How to develop extreme personal productivity
  • What are the global success habits of achievers
  • How can we live many days in one day
  • Identifying negative and positive habits of self
  • Prioritizing the whole life in two hours
  • PD habits
  • PB habits
  • Habits from ‘GITA’
  • SS habits

About the Mentor

This program is designed afters years of research by reading autobiographies, meeting super achievers, seeing documentaries and extensive personal interactions.

Dr Ujjwal Patni takes the role of pilot faculty of program with the support of other specialists.

Who should Participate

This program is suggested to everyone who wants success & recognition in personal and professional life. This is based on enhancing personal productivity which is a universal requirement.

Corporate can send their nominees as per our calendar or they can specially organize Corporate VIP. Corporate VIP is a special program where this program is conducted for the participants of a select institution. These are more customised, less expensive and highly result oriented.

Programme Facts

  • 2 learning days
  • Accommodation and all meals in a quality resort
  • All Training kit, stationary & worksheets
  • Mutual mentoring sessions
  • Case studies with great audio visuals
  • Intense and structured networking
  • The grand game of deletion


  • Biggest regrets
  • Extreme productivity habits
  • Best practices of successful people
  • Habits of 21st century
  • Wellness habits
  • Time management habits
  • Eternal habits
  • Relationship habits
  • Power circle habits
  • Priority habits
  • Business habits
  • Success habits and lots more

What can you expect from THE VIP

  • A commitment for 5 habits that will change your life
  • A close group of active friends
  • A new truth of life by deletion game
  • A Roadmap to become a VIP
  • Enhanced personal productivity
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